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It’s been a fun week

This week has been different for me than most of my other teaching weeks.  I tried things in my classroom and they went over mostly well. I don’t think I’ve ever done that before. It’s been pretty cool and has helped me to get through. We still have 22 days left (some of which are exam days), so anything to make these last days go easier is good and even better if they learn some things well. Freshmen In my Math 1 class, I started the week off with Wii Bowling. You can read the saga here, then here, here, and finally here. I think I was overly critical in my thoughts about what my students came up with – mainly because they didn’t get to where I wanted them to go. @maxmathforum has been very encouraging (among others) in this whole process and he has helped me to realize that maybe I was being too critical. I also think […]

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Wii Bowling Day Two – Frustration on the Teacher’s Part

When we last left our teaching heroine… (well, not really a heroine here) she had her students bowl two games, taking up all of the class period. Details are here. So, at the start of class today I put up the slides from yesterday. Then I had students write down their observations, what they noticed, and what questions (that may have something to do with math) they had. I gave them about 2 minutes to look at the first slide, had them share with the class and repeated for the second slide. I also told them to continue writing questions and observations as we talked, especially if they saw something while someone was talking so they wouldn’t forget it. We then bowled a 3rd game today. 3rd Period Their observations: What they wrote:  We had a low score but our skill level was higher. Team 1 beat Team 3 by 1. Team 1 had 1 strike Team 4 had 5 […]

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Wii Bowling Day One Revisited

If you haven’t been following the Wii Bowling saga – here is the most recent installment. Make sure to read through the comments. Day One is done. With having only 50 minute periods, we only had time to bowl. Both classes bowled two games. I divided them into 4 teams and they rotated bowlers so everyone would have a chance to bowl. I tried to do some questioning between games with my first class, but there just wasn’t time to really delve into it. 50 minutes sure goes fast!  Here are the slides (pdf version) I put together to go over with my two classes tomorrow: I tried to do some preliminary work with the data to see where it may take us. As I orginally said, my first thought was “is there some formula they use to come up with the skill level?” I played a bit with the first class (3rd period) data and it appears to be linear […]

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WCYDWT – Wii Bowling Day One

My Math 1 students finished their test with a lot of time to spare, so I put up the Wii Bowling pictures I had taken (see this post) and had them take out a piece of paper. I asked them to write down what they noticed and wondered about what they saw in the pictures (similar to what @maxmathforum suggested in this post). My thought with starting with it today was to get an idea where they were at and try to come up with a game plan for Monday. Here are the responses I got (and not everyone responded): Class One: Why is Mommy still pro when Grace has higher points than Mommy? Why can’t we play bowling in math? Why is there only one pro? The numbers change Only 1 is pro highest number is 1005 lowest is 65 different scores on both games Why is there an arrow point down by your name then on the second […]

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How to incorporate WCYDWT (Rich Problems) into math class?

So, I have no idea how to bring in WCYDWT and/or Rich Problems into my math classes. I really was never taught in college how to do something like this. So I have been tweeting, asking how to start. Here are some responses I got today. @maxmathforum @lmhenry9 putting up a problem scenario (video, text,…) and asking students What do you Notice? What do you Wonder? in a think-pair-share Me (@lmhenry9) @maxmathforum What if you are working with students who are unaccustomed to “wondering” about things mathematically? @maxmathforum @lmhenry9 on the one hand, that slows things down. On the other, I’ve never had a class without a wonderer or two. In LOTS of diff. schools. @lmhenry9 I love problems that generate controversy, a yes/no answer, a chance for kids to “wager” on an answer. That’s a way to wonder… Me @maxmathforum Do the other students then start to join in? I’m working with lower level students who aren’t real thrilled […]

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My first foray into WCYDWT

Well, be gentle with me, dear readers – this is a total new venture for me. I have been bouncing this in my head for a while but I have no idea where to take this. My target audience is freshmen who has some Algebra experience have low math skills (my Math 1 class). I am hoping to do something with this in the next few weeks. I feel I have nothing to lose – and possibly lots to gain. When I have played Wii Bowling with my kids, it keeps track of our scores. After we are done, it gives us a “skill level.” I suspect it’s linear but I want to know how it comes up with it. So here are the thoughts I have had about this:1) I want the kids to Wii Bowl in class. I think that’s my buy in with the kids. My classes are mostly boys but this Wii game is accessable to […]

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