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Warm Ups

My MTBoS colleague, James Cleveland, blogged this week about his ponderings about warm ups for his class. I found it helpful, especially since I am thinking through similar ideas for my class. Part of my issue is that I do not feel I have effectively done warm ups. I have had “Do Now” problems on the board when students have come into class and many students ignore them for the most part as I am furiously trying to get attendance taken and get around to check homework. The last couple of years, I have tried to theme the wam ups, mostly for myself so that I would have some direction in what the warm up was. I still would like to do this since I have found that much to keep me putting them together. I know others have put together weekly warm up pages and had their students turn them in at the end of the week. I briefly […]

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Bellringers – Next Year

As the year is winding down, I start to think of things I want to change. Last summer, one of the things I wanted to put together was some sort of organized bellringers/warm-ups for students to work on when they got into class. Although I like having a theme for each day, my students really don’t do the bellringers as I would like. So, of course, that means some tweaking. I am still going to keep to my Testing Tuesdays/Thursdays I think. I think it is the best way to expose my students to OGT style questions and since the OGT was done in March, I have been using practice ACT questions on those days. This website has been very helpful. I would like to have a better way to ensure they actually practice them and I am considering having half sheets of paper for students to work them and turn in. Maybe that will get them actually doing them… I […]



I was mowing the lawn today (had to be done after returning home from our extended weekend trip to Houston to see my sister-in-law) and thinking. I have mostly pulled together SBG for next year (checked off my #summerlist for now), so the next thing I want to pull together is what the basic structure of my 50 minute class period is going to be. I had looked for some feedback from the twitterblogosphere but didn’t get much. I had also checked out Dan Meyer’s blog and the slides for his Algebra classes (when he taught) but I haven’t looked at them in as much detail as I had wanted. A couple of weeks ago, @Fouss and @druinok were talking about setting up bellringers and I recalled the conversation. I think @Fouss had said something about wanting to do brain teaser type problems once a week, maybe on Wednesdays. @druinok came back with the suggestion to do them on Mondays and […]

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The State of Affairs in My Head

This blog post is mostly for me to get out of my head where I’m at with things.  As always, please feel free to comment or catch me on Twitter (@Mrs_LHenry) to discuss.  In fact, it’s really helpful for me if you do leave comments. First up – Grading I am committed to doing SBG this year.  At the moment, I am leaning towards doing a system very similar to Kate Nowak’s where you teach 3 concepts, then assess.  I want to assess twice because I feel that it would give me a clearer picture of whether or not the student understands the concept (it would give me two snapshots rather than just one).  I am most comfortable with a scale out of 5 and I think I would do similar to what she does, adding the 2 together for ultimately a score out of 10 to put in the school’s gradebook.  I would need to put the following limits […]

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