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High Fives – a Convert

I have to say, when I listened to Glenn Waddell talk about giving high fives as his learners entered the classroom, I was a little skeptical. I thought it wouldn’t be my thing. I thought that I would be copying another teacher in my building (who gives handshakes to students as he is in the the hallway) and that might be weird. But, if you listen to Glenn describe it, I thought it would be a good thing to try. As school approached, I really started to get nervous about doing high fives. What if the kids saw it as copying the other teacher giving handshakes? Was this “my thing?” – would it seem disingenuous to my students? I almost didn’t do it. I am proud to say that I am a member of… (Thank you @conniehamilton.) We have had five days of school and I have been at my door each period, waiting with a high five for my […]

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Taking Care of Ourselves

I received flowers today in appreciate from a great friend of mine in the #MTBoS. I also received a box in the mail as part of #supplyswap. .@druinok @amcnabb3 the tape is shiny purple. #supplyswap — Lisa Henry (@lmhenry9) July 30, 2015 Over the last week, I have been on the receiving end of a lot of gratitude. From people stopping me as I was walking around TMC15, to the huge gesture organized by John Stevens et al at the TMC Barbeque, I have heard “Thank you for…” a lot in the last week. I’ll admit, it’s a nice feeling. Unfortunately, it also made me realize how little thanks that I get the rest of the year, especially in my job. We have the tendency as teachers to be on the receiving end of complaints rather than gratitude. All the things we do that make a difference don’t tend to be noticed. It is rare that we receive a complement or […]

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What did I REALLY get out of TMC15?

I could certainly go on and on about all of the wonderful personal connections that I made and renewed at TMC15. I could talk for a while about how I felt so much gratitude from the community as a whole and so many individual people. However, talking about all of that would diminish all of the great things I learned and pondered about math and education while at TMC15. Formative Assessment and Feedback in Math (General K-12 session) – John Scammell My morning session choice was difficult for me. I had 4 choices I was debating over. When it came down to it. what swayed me was that this session would be applicable and usable in all of the classes I teach. If I’m going to spend 6 hours in a session, I want to get the most bang for my buck. John didn’t disappoint me here. Takeaways from this session for me included: Probably the biggest takeaway for me […]

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My TMC15 Closing Remarks

In case you wanted the text of my closing remarks for TMC15, here they are: So as I reflect on the wonderfulness that is TMC15, I keep coming back to one thing: Community. Many times, when TMCers sit down with me with any length of time for conversation, the question usually that comes up is “How did TMC start?” And I share the story, which for brevity’s sake, I’m not going to share now. But the question that is pretty much never asked of me is “Why do you do this?” The answer to that is quite simple. “It’s about the community, stupid!” (apologies to President Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign – it’s the economy stupid. If you don’t know / remember – Google it) When we started talking about meeting face-to-face 4 ½ years ago, Jason said to me, “You’re going to end up organizing this, aren’t you?” to which I said, “Yeah, probably.” He could see that this community […]

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Guest Post from Jason about TMC

Jason shared this with me Saturday of TMC. I think it is incredibly powerful and something we all need to keep in mind – whether we attended TMC15, a previous TMC, or never have. –Lisa Why I Go To Twitter Math Camp -Jason Henry It’s the question. In whatever form I get it, it goes something like this: “What do you teach?” And my response has become rote: “I don’t teach, and I don’t tweet. I’m Lisa’s husband.” So the unasked question becomes “So why are you here?”. And the first year, it was simple: I wanted to help. I wanted to be supportive of what my wife was helping bring to fruition. And I got to drive to St. Louis, tour the Budweiser brewery, and take in a Cardinals game. And that answer, in some fashion, would work for the next three as well. And if you ask me, that’s probably what I’ll tell you. But that’s not the only […]

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TMC 15 Speaker Proposals Are Open!

Have you heard of Twitter Math Camp? It’s the best weekend of professional development and enthusiasm replenishment around. Don’t end up in the jealousy camp this summer! Sign up to present and you’ll get early access to registration. Here are the details: We are starting our gear up for TMC15, which will be at Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, CA (outside of LA – map is here) from July 23-26, 2015. We are looking forward to a great event! Part of what makes TMC special is the wonderful presentations we have from math teachers who are facing the same challenges that we all are. To get an idea of what the community is interested in hearing about and/or learning about we set up a Google Doc ( It’s an open GDoc for people to list their interests and someone who might be good to present that topic. If multiple people were interested in a session idea, he/she added a “+1” after […]

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