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Reflections on SBG Year One

As my school year is drawing to a close, I am in a reflective mood.  I am looking back at the year and taking stock of what has gone well and what hasn’t. For the most part, I am pleased with how Standards Based Grading (SBG or SBAR – Standards Based Assessment and Reporting for the uninitiated) is going. Positives:I find the grading process to be less tedious and students’ grades reflect their level of understanding much better than in previous years. My grades are not over-inflated by the homework points (or deflated by the lack of homework points). Negatives:Midterm exam grades, mainly in my Algebra 2 class, were significantly lower than in past years. We are coming up on final exams (June 6-8) and although I have been doing daily feedback problems in Algebra 2 to keep them working on problems daily, I am not certain how they will do on finals. This group is hard to read at […]

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Lawnmowing Ponderings

In addition to all of the other things I do between work and home, I mow the lawn most of the time. I started doing this more in earnest last year, somewhat at the prodding of my husband to get some exercise as I was (and still am) working on losing weight. To be honest, it is not my favorite chore, but I am getting to the point that I mostly enjoy it because it gives me about an hour and a half to ponder things. When I started mowing, I wanted to ponder the Wii Bowling problem I’ve blogged about recently. I am really struggling with it at this point. I have pretty much come to the conclusion that whatever math is involved in determining the skill level is out of my realm. I have never failed on this kind of level with a lesson. Well, the students did get to Wii bowl in class for two days and […]

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NCTM11 – Differentiating the Math Classroom to Engage All Students

First session Friday morning bright and early at 8 am was New Perspectives: Differentiating the Math Classroom to Engage All Studentss by Nanci Smith. All of her files are found here and the relevant ones are NCTM, Profile Assessments for Cards, Profile Assessment Word, Observation Forms, and Kid Friendly. Nanci was the first (and only one at this point) speaker to immediately give us a website where her information from today’s presentation was. So far, everyone else has either had packets, given an email to request electronic form of said packet or not given any information except maybe an email at some point during the presentation.  Last night we were lamenting that NCTM really needs to get with the times and have presenters have information available to attendees electronically. But, I digress… These are my notes from Nanci’s presentation this morning. I highly recommend you go to her website and look at her NCTM file. She had an hour and stuck […]

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NCTM11 – Supporting Productive Struggling

My 2nd Session (Thursday) was done by Susan May and Kathi Cook from the Charles A. Dana Center at the University of Texas (Austin). I also met up with @Fouss and @Sarah_IC – all three of us had it on our list.  I chose this one because I have lower level students who do struggle and I don’t want them to give up so easily. Website with more information – in progress, presentation and handouts will be there eventually. The first part of the session was spent talking about what persistence is, what characteristics persistent students have and the importance of it. The second part of the session was talking about some of the mechanics (for lack of a better word) of how to get there. Bascially, they chose to focus on Algebra 1 because it is the course that creates the greatest angst – there are two transitions occurring at that time: the transition from Middle School to High […]

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NCTM11 – Teaching for Reasoning and Sense Making

The first session I attended at NCTM was “Teaching for Reasoning and Sense Making: How Does it Work?” and Fred Dillon, Jenny Salls, and Christine Thomas were the presenters.  I have seen Fred Dillon before and that was part of the reason I chose the session. The other reason I chose it was because the title intrigued me. The pdf of the slides for this session can be found here. Basically what reasoning and sense making does is puts the mathematical skills into practice.  It fits right in with Race to the Top and the Common Core  practices.  I think I remember Fred saying that this really fits in with the first one on the list. We proceeded to work through a problem about fish dying off in a lake and the lake being restocked each year and we were to figure out how many fish were in the lake at the start of the 2nd, 3rd, and 10th years […]

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Time to Start Rethinking

I am going to work on trying to blog more in shorter bursts. I guess I have tended to use this to think out loud and I have lots of stuff running around in my head.  Now that we have (finally!) gotten into the 4th nine weeks – I am starting to get caught up, just in time to head to NCTM next week in Indianapolis.  However, I have some stuff running around in my head I need to get out and if my dear readers will indulge me with some comments, I would appreciate it. I started doing feedback problems with my Algebra 2 students at the beginning of the 3rd nine weeks after the whole midterm debacle. Basically there is a problem on the SMART Board when they come in and they work it out and hand it in. I go over the problem with them in class and write comments on their paper and hand it back […]

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