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When does "by hand" graphing or processes matter?

I am finishing up teaching polynomials to my Algebra 2 classes. We are discussing the Rational Root Theorem (i.e. p’s and q’s) right now. When I presented the material on Friday, I went through the whole process – finding the factors of p, finding the factors of q, finding the p/q values and testing using synthetic division. As much as I like doing synthetic division, I had forgotten how frustrating this process is for students – it is tedious and they know by now that they can find the zeros by finding the x-intercepts of the graph. So, as I reflected over the weekend and into this morning, I decided when I assess them on this learning target, I am only going to ask them to identity the factors of p and q and the p/q values. I am not going to ask them to fully find the zeros of the polynomial from that list. The more I thought about […]

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New Tech Tools

I have found two new tech tools that I am really happy with. The first is the whole reason I wanted the iPad from school – a great app called Educreations. Educreations is a screencasting app. It lets me import image files (which I can create from my SMART Notebook files) straight from Dropbox very easily and I can create screencasts for my students. It uploads to their website (here’s my profile page) and as long as I leave the screencast as viewable to the public, I can link to it from my website at school. Students can go view them at their leisure. About the only down side to it at the moment is there is no eraser, but the support staff has been very responsive and I hope they incorporate it in the next update. I do like this app a lot. The second is a great, free website called Quizlet. Quizlet lets you create flashcards in many […]

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Tech in My Classroom

As I mentioned earlier, I am one of two teachers in my building (and 7 in my district) who received an iPad for classroom use. I have spent most of break downloading apps, some for school and some for fun (especially since I also got an iPod Touch for Christmas – double yay me!), playing said apps, and fighting off  trying to regulate my children’s use of the iPad, especially my 8 year old daughter. As I was talking with my friend who is using a class set of iPads in her classroom, she suggested that I should have a usage policy for the iPad in my class. That way, if a student strays from the designated activity, I could take the privilege away from them and it would state that I would do that. Hopefully that will keep students from straying while using the iPad. I added the iPod Touch because I already have an activity in mind that […]

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21st Century Math? Day One

Well, y’all wanted to hear about my class.  I had thought about tweeting about it later, but there are so many questions that ir raised with me that I figured I was better off blogging.  Please feel free to either comment and/or tweet me (@Mrs_LHenry).  I would really like to have discussion on some of these points. I am not totally sure what I was expecting to get out of this class.  I guess I expected to learn some new software/websites/programs to help teach math better.  Here’s how my day went:The first two hours were spent between the housekeeping stuff, all of introducing ourselves, an update on the Core Curriculum, and being told that we should have a web presence and having PowPak and Moodle introduced to us.  We had also spent time with Pow Pak and Moodle in my 21st Century Tools class last week.  Then a second year teacher presented for about an hour and a half about […]

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Reflection on my 21st Century Tools Class

Here is my paper on my class from last week.  Feel free to read and comment. This post originally appeared on An “Old Math Dog” Learning New Tricks.

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