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Change, it’s a comin’

Yes, things are changing in my world next year. Instead of teaching Algebra 2 and Math 2, I will be teaching Algebra 1, Math 1, and Calculus. I last taught Math 1 in 2011-2012 and Calculus in 2010-2011, but I think it’s been since 1999-2000 since I last taught Algebra 1. We were using the UCSMP book then. Needless to say, Common Core wasn’t even a thought then. We were using a County-wide curriculum book at that point – the Ohio State Standards were still in development then. By the same token, I have taught Algebra 2 for almost my entire 21 years teaching (except maybe 3 years I think). I have to say that I was a little sad that I wasn’t teaching Algebra 2 next year. However, now that I have had a week or so to think about it and for it to sink in, I am looking forward to the change. I will be teaching some […]

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Summer Update

Sometimes, you just need a break. And a break, is what I am taking right now. I can’t say I am taking a TOTAL break from math/education/school, but for the most part, that is what I have been doing since school finished about a month ago. The last two summers, I have been thinking and reading math and math ed most of the summer. I can’t say that I really felt like I had an honest break from school. Although I cannot say whether or not it was conscious or not, I have not been reading, thinking, and absorbing math and math ed for the last few weeks. To be honest, I only feel a teeny-weeny bit guilty. I do have things I need to work through and learn about this summer before heading back. However, my #summerlist this year is MUCH shorter. The break I am taking is much needed. By a week or two after Christmas Vacation (which […]



School is almost done – it’s time to reflect (in another post) and make the #summerlist: 1) Twitter Math Camp!!! (If you’re not familiar – check here) In prep for TMC, I’m starting work on the Exeter Problem Sets. @druinok and I will be putting the schedule together and getting the organization done as soon as the dust begins to settle here from the end of school. I am really looking forward to this – going to meet over 20 (at current count) of my tweeps! July 19th can’t get here soon enough. 2) Revamp SBG. I had made revisions last summer and I will be tweaking again. I definitely don’t think I’m going to do the teach 3 – quiz 6 – teach 3 – quiz 6 that I did this year. I haven’t totally decided how it’s all going to work yet, but Common Core’s organization will play into it. 3) Tweak Bellringers. I have already started thinking about this and […]



AAAAAAAAuuuuugggggghhhhh!!!! It’s August! I’m not ready for it to be August yet! (Yes, I know I’m writing this on August 3rd, and I’m still not ready for it to be August!) So, I had posted this #summerlist at the beginning of June: New comments are in blue. Finish the online course I started last summer. This one has a deadline – I have to get it done in June. Read. I definitely would like to do some reading that I normally don’t get time to do. Some professional (we are starting with Understanding by Design on #sbarbook), some personal. I ended up punting UbD. I was struggling with getting into it and I wanted to get some other reading done before heading to Orlando for NCTM’s Institute on Reasoning and Sense Making. I have finished Teaching for Tomorrow, Nice Bike (the author is speaking to us on our first workday together), and most of Focus of High School Mathematics: Reasoning and Sense Making. […]

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I was mowing the lawn today (had to be done after returning home from our extended weekend trip to Houston to see my sister-in-law) and thinking. I have mostly pulled together SBG for next year (checked off my #summerlist for now), so the next thing I want to pull together is what the basic structure of my 50 minute class period is going to be. I had looked for some feedback from the twitterblogosphere but didn’t get much. I had also checked out Dan Meyer’s blog and the slides for his Algebra classes (when he taught) but I haven’t looked at them in as much detail as I had wanted. A couple of weeks ago, @Fouss and @druinok were talking about setting up bellringers and I recalled the conversation. I think @Fouss had said something about wanting to do brain teaser type problems once a week, maybe on Wednesdays. @druinok came back with the suggestion to do them on Mondays and […]

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Grading Policies Revision

On my #summerlist, one of the things I want to do is revise SBG in my classroom. (see this post and this post for past discussions). Here is my revised Grading Policies page for the upcoming school year: Changes I made: I am going to quiz students twice. First time I am going to give feedback only, as I had intended to do but didn’t stick with. Second time will have the feedback-only concepts tested and (up to) three new concepts for feedback only. From what I read from others during the SBG Gala, it seemed that more people felt that a feedback only option made sense for the first time students saw a concept on a test, and then grade the second one. The one I am having the debate on at the moment is whether or not to require students to show me their original practice problems before allowing a reassessment. At the moment, I have it in […]

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Summer List 2011

Since summer is about to start for me, I figure I better get a list together to keep me honest. So, here goes nothing. In no particular order: (Edited with comments June 30th) Finish the online course I started last summer. This one has a deadline – I have to get it done in June. (DONE!!!!! Once it posts, I have to get transcripts so I can get reimbursed and move up a lane.) Read. I definitely would like to do some reading that I normally don’t get time to do. Some professional (we are starting with Understanding by Design on #sbarbook), some personal. (Working on this and not doing too bad. We are up to Chapter 5 in #sbarbook and I have been slowly knocking off the magazine stack I accumlated this school year.)  Revise my SBG for next school year. See this post. (Thinking about it. Got some good ideas from Sam Shah that I think I will use […]

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