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Algebra 1 Statistics Unit Materials

I have been meaning to blog these for a while.Below you will find the materials that I put together to use throughout my Statistics Unit. These are the learning targets that I used: 20 I can describe the center of the data distribution (mean or median). S-ID.2 21 I can describe the spread of the data distribution (interquartile range or standard deviation). S-ID.2 22 I can represent data with plots on the real number line (dot plots, histograms, and box plots). S-ID.1; N-Q.1; N-Q.2; N-Q.3 23 I can compare the distribution of two or more data sets by examining their shapes, centers, and spreads when drawn on the same scale. S-ID.2 24 I can interpret the differences in the shape, center, and spread of a data set in the context of a problem, and can account for effects of extreme data points. S-ID.3 25 I can read and interpret the data displayed in a two-way frequency table. S-ID.5 26 I […]

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