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Standards Based Grading Revisions

I am looking at revising my grading in my Algebra 2 classes. If you could kindly read and offer some feedback in the comments, that would be greatly appreciated! For the past several years, I have used a form of Standards Based Grading. Assessments have grades for each learning target. Learning target scores are out of 10 points and students earn a score of anywhere of 5 (did not attempt) to 10 out of 10 points. In any given grading period, I have between 10 and 15 learning targets (so 100-150 points). Students can reassess any individual learning target. Score Level Meaning In Gradebook 5 No attempt I did not answer the questions and/or I did not show any of my thinking to answer the questions. Also given when I don’t show up for an assessment. 5/10 (50%) 6 Limited I don’t get it. I don’t even think I am starting this problem right. 6/10 (60%) 7 Basic I think […]

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Homework and SBG

As the year draws to a close, I look back to see what went well and what didn’t go so well. Since I am doing Standards Based Grading, I have not been grading homework/practice problems. In fact, since I stopped grading homework, I have done a rather poor job of even checking to see if my students have done the homework/practice problems at all. This needs to change for next year. Somehow, I need to not only check to see if my students are doing practice problems, but I think I need to factor it into their grade somehow. At least if it’s in their grade, they do make some attempt most of the time (even if they copy it). However, I am not real thrilled about putting in some sort of homework grade. I feel that if it’s practice, they shouldn’t be graded on correctness. They are still learning the material and won’t necessarily have it all correct. When […]

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(Lack of) Practice and the SBG Blues

State tests were 2 weeks ago. Spring Break is approaching. It must be time for students to start to get lazy… I gave my assessment today on graphing logarithmic functions and properties of logarithms. I gave 3 practice days in class – more than I had anticipated giving. We had an unexpected snow day on Friday, which is when I had originally planning on giving the assessment. As I was circulating around the classroom as students practiced on Wednesday and Thursday last week, it was obvious that students had not done a whole lot of practice. Two weeks ago was state test week so we were on a goofy schedule. I still taught. With the exception of the one practice set, I suspect that students didn’t do a whole lot of practice. I know they did one since there was time in class for them to work on it. My higher ability/motivated students did pretty well. They almost always do. […]

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Frustrated and Discouraged

I haven’t posted in a while. To be honest, I have been rather busy trying to keep on top of school work and life in general. However, I am compelled to post about midterm exams. **Blogger’s Note: I know at the end of this I am posing a lot of questions. Right now, I have no answers. Please feel free to add your own answers and comments at the end. Thanks. –LMH I generally feel that this year has gone well. I have been doing what I felt was a good job teaching, although I know there are a lot of things to improve on. Students have been doing well. Some have been reassessing. Grades for the grading period have looked pretty good this year. Generally, I feel that my students have been “getting” what I have taught. Then midterm exams hit. In my 21 years teaching, this has to be the worst year yet for midterm exams for me. […]

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Second Thoughts on Assessment

First off, I do want to apologize for the lack of posts. I have to be honest, I am still very overwhelmed, although I am now at least planning 2 to 3 days ahead rather than just for tomorrow. I still don’t feel like I am in my groove yet. In Algebra 2, I am getting ready to give my second assessment. Like last year, I am assessing each learning target twice. However, I am counting the first assessment and if the student has earned their 5 on the first time, they do not have to do the second assessment. I have been having second thoughts about this after I gave their first assessment two weeks ago. I know why I had decided to do this. I wanted students to give a better first effort on the assessment and when I didn’t give a score on the first time, students tended to skip the problems. Also, this gives students their […]

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Revised SBG Scale

I have been pondering this on and off over the last week, and even though I am on vacation, I need to flesh this out some more. I started revising my SBG scale and I am stuck. I have posted twice about why I am changing this summer (here and here). I have figured out what changes I am going to make, but I am struggling finishing it up. Here is what I used to do and what I am going to do this year (same document): I took most of my descriptions from Lauren DeReche’s post – I liked the simplicity and clarity. I hope that will help clear up some questions. However, as I have looked at people’s descriptions, they have been using a 4 point scale and I’m just not comfortable with doing that. So I am sticking with my 5 point scale. I am struggling with what to name level 4 and 5. At the moment, I […]


SBG Changes?

For the past two school years, I have done Standards Based Grading (SBG). I have done a 5 (6?) point scale: I am not totally happy with the scale (I blogged about it here earlier this summer) and I got some great comments. But I’m not totally sold either. I am contemplating changes. I’m not totally certain which one(s) I am going to make, but this is what I am thinking: 1) If I keep the current scale, I think I am going to make the 0 a 0 in the gradebook (instead of 5/10). I had students who played the system and made no attempt on a skill but since it was a 50% going in the gradebook instead of a 0%, they were able to pass (when they really shouldn’t have) because they did “just good enough” on enough other skills. I am thinking this may solve the problem I talked about earlier with students passing who really shouldn’t […]

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SBG and Grades

I blogged recently about some of the issues I have with SBG when it comes to reassessments. The other issue that I did not touch upon is equally as thorny. When you are the only one doing Standards Based Grading and you have to give a percentage grade, how do you go about doing it? The past two years, I have taking my scale and converted it to scores out of ten points. Basically, I added 5 to each numeric score and made it a score out of 10. The first year, I felt pretty good about where grades ended up. I can’t say that this year. I had 2 students who passed Algebra 2 who probably shouldn’t have passed the course. I am wondering if I have my scores correlated to the appropriate grades. In Ohio, we give students a score on their state tests based on the following 5 point scale: Basic Limited Proficient Accelerated Advanced Now, granted, […]


SBG For The Rest of the Students

Today was the last day with students. I have a half day tomorrow and then I will have finished my 20th year teaching. Kind of hard to believe. I have been thinking about several things over the last few days but sitting down and actually blogging about it has been hard. Part of that has to do with all of the other stuff going on. My daughter and I will be heading to Rock the Mall on a turnaround bus trip she earned through selling Girl Scout Cookies. We leave about 11 pm Friday night, ride all night to DC, head to the event, and get on the bus to head home. We’ll get in around 4-5 am Sunday morning. I’ve been getting ready for that. I’m also trying to do some other things to finish the year out as well. So I sit here Tuesday evening trying to blog the thoughts I’ve had over the last few days as I […]

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Assessment Questions

Something else I am going to be revisiting is how I’m doing assessments. For the first 19 years of my teaching career, I did unit tests, sometimes with quizzes in between. This year, I teach 2-3 Learning Targets and then quiz – the most recent Learning Targets for feedback, the preceding 2-3 Learning Targets for a grade. Right before Christmas Break, I revised the feedback problems to “feedback or 5” – if students could show me they knew it, they could earn their 5 and were exempt from the problems on the next quiz, otherwise, they got feedback. I have to be honest, I’m not happy with this system. I feel like I’ve lost instruction time. I spend more time than I’d like between reviewing and assessing. About a third of my students don’t try anything on the feedback problems. However, when I surveyed my students, they liked having less concepts on a test. I’m not sure what I’m going to […]

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