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Review Worksheet Twist

I decided to give my Algebra 2’s one more review day. After some deliberation, I decided to give them a review worksheet – partially because they would have a copy of all the problems I wanted them to practice so they could practice on their own, partially because I didn’t feel like trying to put together another review activity for them that they wouldn’t put a whole lot of effort into. On the way in to work, I came up with a plan that I hoped would help get questions answered. I think part of this inspiration came from @druinok. I handed out the worksheet and told the students I would project the answers on the SMARTBoard once I was done giving directions. They were to work on the worksheet problems and check their answers. If they were correct, they were to continue working on problems. If they were wrong, they were to try to figure out what they did […]

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Observations on Review Stations

I did review stations¬†with my Algebra 2 classes the first two days back from Christmas Break. I had originally thought I would do them in one day, however we had a 2 hour delay and my normally 50 minute class period was trimmed to 30 minutes. Add to that I needed to pass back their quizzes from the last day before break and get them into the groups, and we were only able to do one activity. The second day, instead of having them do a warm up, I left directions on the SMART Board for students to get back into their groups from the day before and to get needed materials out and get ready to go. The biggest question on my mind as I went to bed the night before we went back was whether all of the time I put into the activities would be worth it. I had probably spent 5-6 hours between deciding the activities […]

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Review Stations

My Algebra 2 students didn’t do as well as I would have liked on their before break quiz. I had hoped that many would do well enough to master the exponent rules and adding and subtracting polynomials, but in reality, only a handful out of my 65 or so students did. When we return Tuesday, we need to do some review. I had hoped to put together 6 stations – 3 exponent rules and 3 adding and subtracting polynomials, but at the moment I only have 4. I have spent several hours putting this together and at this late hour, I am questioning whether it will be worth it. My hope is that they will actually work through many of the problems and get much closer to mastering the skill. I intend to put the students in groups of 4 to rotate through the stations. I may have to adjust if I don’t come up with two more stations. I […]

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