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Frustration over Retention

Warning – venting ahead… My Algebra 1 students today had a class-wide reassessment over three learning targets: solving linear equations, solving linear inequalities, and solving formulas for a specified variable. I had rearranged my units this year so that the unit with solving equations and inequalities was first since on the initial benchmark I gave, students could not remember how to solve equations and many commented that they knew they had seen it before but could not remember how to solve. Given that some of the other units I do in the beginning of the year assume that students remember some basics of solving equations and that many students could not even give me that on their benchmark, it made sense to me to rearrange the unit order so this came first. I know from their 8th grade teacher that last year they spent “a lot of” time solving linear equations. We spent more time than I would have liked […]

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Last week, my Algebra 1 students did not do well on their assessment on rates of change/slope and graphing linear functions. As I blogged last week, I had them complete a reflections and corrections form. They started in class Thursday and then had to hand them in on Friday. I have to say, I was disappointed with the effort they put in on both the reflection and in correcting their problems. We did a relay review on Friday and on Monday, after I had time to look at their reflections/corrections, I decided to give them another review worksheet. I did make sure this time to give them problems with times so that they could practice converting the times into seconds (even though that was the very first learning target we did this year). We did not have school Tuesday and their assessment was Wednesday. In one of my classes, they came in with more questions. I answered a couple before […]

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Second Thoughts on Assessment

First off, I do want to apologize for the lack of posts. I have to be honest, I am still very overwhelmed, although I am now at least planning 2 to 3 days ahead rather than just for tomorrow. I still don’t feel like I am in my groove yet. In Algebra 2, I am getting ready to give my second assessment. Like last year, I am assessing each learning target twice. However, I am counting the first assessment and if the student has earned their 5 on the first time, they do not have to do the second assessment. I have been having second thoughts about this after I gave their first assessment two weeks ago. I know why I had decided to do this. I wanted students to give a better first effort on the assessment and when I didn’t give a score on the first time, students tended to skip the problems. Also, this gives students their […]

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A Plan

Saturday, I blogged about my latest dilemma with my Algebra 2 classes. I am so appreciative to everyone who commented either here or on Twitter. Not only did I not feel alone in what I’m dealing with and going through with these classes, I got some good ideas to ponder. Teaching in a school with (only) 2 other math teachers can make it difficult to bounce ideas during the school day, let alone on a Saturday during a three day weekend. Y’all helped me when I needed it and that just goes to show the power of Twitter and the wonderful math Twitterblogosphere we have. Thanks. So, after some pondering and checking out what everyone had to say, I decided to work with what @cheesemonkeysf suggested. Thanks too to @druinok who helped me hash out my plan. On Tuesday when we return, I will hand back their quizzes. Since I had 2 of the 3 classes with me at home, […]

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Now What?

Yesterday I gave a quiz on properties of exponents and adding and subtracting polynomials (the graded learning targets on this quiz) as well as multiplying polynomials and factoring (GCF and x^2 + bx + c) for feedback. Although I am not done grading yet, let’s just say the results I have seen from the graded learning targets so far is less than spectacular. I have done the graded portion for 2 of my 3 classes and I think (without actually calculating them) the average on my 5 point scale was around 2.5. They still don’t have it. After teaching it before Christmas Break, quizzing for feedback before Christmas Break, doing 2 additional days of activities after Christmas Break, and giving them review problems before the quiz, they still don’t have it. I just don’t get it. Adding and subtracting polynomials is basically adding like terms. How can they get to this point in Algebra 2 and not be able to combine […]

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Assessment Survey

In response to my blog post yesterday about why I think students aren’t attempting feedback questions, misscalul8 asked, “Have you tried asking the students why they don’t try the feedback problems or ask them how they study?” To be honest, I’ve never been a fan of asking my students survey questions, especially not ones that may give them the chance to criticize me. I suppose that goes back to the little gnawing fear that they’ll all say I suck as a teacher as well as that I’m afraid that they won’t take it seriously. However, during my half hour drive into work, I thought to myself that maybe it would be a good idea to ask them. I suppose that I am getting more comfortable in my own skin as a person and as a teacher.I only surveyed my Advanced Algebra 2 students (17 students there today) – I figured they would take it the most seriously and thought that […]

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Last year with my Algebra 2’s and SBG didn’t seem this frustrating to me. We are in our last week of the grading period right now and of course kids seem to now care because they are in that lovely point chasing mentality. We had a quiz yesterday – same format I have been doing all year – grade 3 learning targets and feedback on 3 (although I only did two because if I waited for the third one it would have been so long since we did the earlier 3 that I don’t think they would have done well). The 3 graded were graphing linear equations (slope-intercept form), write equations given 2 points or 1 point and slope of the line, and write equations given a point and a line either parallel or perpendicular to it. The 2 feedback were solve a system of equations by graphing and solve a system of equations by substitution (both 2 equations 2 variables […]

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A win – maybe

One of my Algebra 2 students gave me absolutely no work on his quiz yesterday writing equations given two points on the line, a point and a slope of the line, or given a point and a line that is parallel or perpendicular to it. As I was walking around checking how students were doing with the problems they were to be working on, he had his head down and was visibly frustrated. I asked him what was going on and he said that he had the right answers but got no credit for them. I responded that I had no idea where his answers came from – if he figured them out in his head, or guessed, or looked off someone else’s paper. He replied that he’s not a cheater. “I’m pretty sure of that. So how did you come up with the answer?” was my response. He started to explain that he used the graph and figured it […]

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Surprises abound

A surprising thing happened today as I had my students working on correcting their quizzes today. (See here for the original plan.) As my first period students were working on correcting my quizzes (and wanting me to answer questions as opposed to asking peers), several students asked to reassess. I had forgotten to say anything about wanting to re-quiz them on Wednesday and after seeing that several students were motivated to reassess on their own, I opted to not give a re-quiz to my Algebra 2 classes. For two of my three classes, my students were rather motivated and worked hard on correcting their quizzes. I think I have between 10 and 15 students coming in for reassessments between my three Algebra 2 classes (that’s out of about 70 students). I am pleased to see them taking initiative. I chatted with my principal during my planning period today. As I continue to reflect on my students’ quizzes, I am really […]

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And the saga continues…

I have been in a posting flurry the last week (check here and here for the ones that will relate to this post). Here is the quick update…. I gave quizzes Friday in my Algebra 2 class – I graded the learning targets on solving and graphing inequalities, solving and graphing compound inequalities, and solving absolute value equations. I have not finished grading the quizzes – I still have feedback only to give on solving absolute value inequalities, determining if a pattern is linear, and finding slope. On the portions that I graded, the solving equations and inequalities was not looking good. I still have students trying to subtract the same quantity from the same side of an equation or inequality. There are other errors (not distributing well, computation errors, and dividing both sides by different numbers to name a few), but that one is the one that bothers me the most. I did some quick analysis and I found once I […]

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