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An Activity that (Surprisingly) Worked

In my Applied Algebra class, we just finished a review of operations. As we were getting ready to assess on integer operations, rather than give a worksheet with practice problems, I wanted to do something a little more active. I have 13 students in my class, 11 of which have learning disabilities. On the way to work, this was my brainstorm: My students like doing “Around the World” (the link is to an early version of it) and I wanted something similar but I knew some students would fly through integer operation problems. I decided to get some problems from Math-Drills because they had several pages of 30 problems and they were mixed. I printed off enough for 20-30 problems for each student. I then cut them into individual problems as pictured above. When we got to class, the directions I gave were: Pick up a problem from the pile. (I gave them the first problem face down so everyone wasn’t as […]


Graphing Linear Functions Practice

I know I’ve been MIA as of late. Preparing lessons has been keeping me rather busy. I’m trying to get caught up here, but have been having trouble even sitting down to blog. Something I did last week was inspired by @pamjwilson: @lmhenry9 graphing the eqs? Would it work if you roll dice one is x-int, other y-int, graph, then write eq?, use sharpie to add neg to some — geomelirious (@pamjwilson) October 24, 2013 I happened to have some small wooden cubes from Hobby Lobby (like these but smaller) so I came up with numbers to put on the sides and set up the following stations: I told them to roll the dice three times and work out the resulting graph on dry erase boards. The activity did not take as long as I thought it may and I don’t think they took it as seriously as I would have liked. When doing it again, I think I would […]

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Integer War

I cannot say this was my original idea – this came from Max Ray at the Math Forum. It was such a great idea, though, so I have to share it. 🙂 My Math 1 students are working on adding and subtracting integers. I wanted them to do some additional practice but I felt if I had them do a worksheet that they wouldn’t take the practice seriously. So, we had Integer War. Divide a deck of cards (minus the jokers) between two students. Red cards are negative numbers and black cards are positive numbers. Aces are worth 1 and face cards (jack, queen, king) are worth 10. Each student lays down two cards. They add their cards and the highest value is the winner. At Max’s suggestion, I created a recording sheet and had students do 13 hands (using all of their cards).   Max’s original suggestion was to use Integer War for addition and multiplication. Since we were working on addition […]

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Homework and SBG

As the year draws to a close, I look back to see what went well and what didn’t go so well. Since I am doing Standards Based Grading, I have not been grading homework/practice problems. In fact, since I stopped grading homework, I have done a rather poor job of even checking to see if my students have done the homework/practice problems at all. This needs to change for next year. Somehow, I need to not only check to see if my students are doing practice problems, but I think I need to factor it into their grade somehow. At least if it’s in their grade, they do make some attempt most of the time (even if they copy it). However, I am not real thrilled about putting in some sort of homework grade. I feel that if it’s practice, they shouldn’t be graded on correctness. They are still learning the material and won’t necessarily have it all correct. When […]

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Things I Have Forgotten

We are coming up on the end of the year. This is our last full week. Seniors are taking their finals (not in our classrooms) and we’re not too far from the underclassmen doing the same. I am preparing to give my final regular assessment in my Algebra 2 classes tomorrow. We are finishing up rational expressions and I pulled out the folder review (original post from Mrs. Graham is here) I had used last year and tweaked it to fit what they were reviewing for tomorrow’s assessment. In all four of my classes, students worked. Not every student, but the vast majority of them. For it being a Monday and 8 days left in school, I felt that was great. As my last class was working on the review and I was making the rounds, it hit me. When I design activities that “force” them to work, most students do what is needed to be done. When they actually practice, […]

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(Lack of) Practice and the SBG Blues

State tests were 2 weeks ago. Spring Break is approaching. It must be time for students to start to get lazy… I gave my assessment today on graphing logarithmic functions and properties of logarithms. I gave 3 practice days in class – more than I had anticipated giving. We had an unexpected snow day on Friday, which is when I had originally planning on giving the assessment. As I was circulating around the classroom as students practiced on Wednesday and Thursday last week, it was obvious that students had not done a whole lot of practice. Two weeks ago was state test week so we were on a goofy schedule. I still taught. With the exception of the one practice set, I suspect that students didn’t do a whole lot of practice. I know they did one since there was time in class for them to work on it. My higher ability/motivated students did pretty well. They almost always do. […]

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Factoring Practice #made4math

I had blogged last Thursday that I thought my Algebra 2 students would do pretty well on their factoring assessment on Friday. Guess I shouldn’t count my chickens before they hatch… It’s not that they did badly, for they didn’t, but they didn’t do as well as I had hoped and expected. I really want them to have a solid factoring foundation as we proceed through the year. A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to take the math placement test that many colleges use to decide where students place into college mathematics. One of the biggest things that struck me was how many problems used factoring as a part of the process in solving the problem. Now that I have seen that, I want to make sure my students have that solid foundation in factoring. I decided that I would hand back their assessments on Monday and then set them up into groups of 4 (and some […]

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Flowers in the Garden (follow up)

I did go through and do the Flowers in the Garden activity with my Algebra 2 and Advanced Algebra 2 students on Friday. It is based on Ghosts in the Graveyard from Math Tales in the Spring. I felt that it went better than it did with my first class on Thursday. Students had a better idea of what they were doing. I had put 2 problems per card instead of three. They earned a flower for each problem they successfully completed, rather than the whole card. I think that kept them moving, plus since they were adding and subtracting rational expressions, each problem took some time. If I do this one again, I think I would only put one problem per card if they take that long. In my Advanced Algebra 2 class, it was actually good to see that the team who completed the most wasn’t the winner – I like that each “garden” got assigned a random […]

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