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Open Question Attempt #2

This was the open question I posed to my Advanced Algebra 2 students today: Write a system of inequalities that has (4, 3) as a part of its solution. It should have 2 or 3 inequalities. (I had thought about leaving the last sentence off, but I was trying not to overwhelm them.) When I asked for their answers, I got crickets again. (Recall, I had tried this with them a couple of weeks ago and pretty much got no response from them.) So, I asked them for one inequality that would work. Crickets. More crickets. That, and a “I don’t know how to work backward.” After a few moments, someone gave me one inequality. So we graphed it and checked (4, 3) and it didn’t work – (4, 3) was on the line. I asked him how to change it and he thought about it and came back with a different inequality. This time (4, 3) wasn’t on the line, but […]


An attempt at an open question

I gave my Advanced Algebra 2 students the following question today to open class: Write a system of equations with two equations and two variables with a solution of (2,3). Be prepared to justify your answer in two ways. We have done solving systems of equations by graphing and substitution. We started elimination yesterday. I had hoped that they would come up with equations by working backwards – for example, 2 + 3 = 5, so x + y = 5 is one equation they could use in the system. I had hoped that once they got the equations, they would use either substitution or elimination to check the solution was (2,3). What I got was blank stares. They had no idea where to start. I ask them to give me one equation and we’ll put together a system. Then the student I have from the ED (emotionally disturbed) unit – who is bright mathematically – raises his hand and gives me an […]

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