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New Blogger Initiative Week 4

Here is the 4th (and final) installment of new bloggers. Please take some time to read and comment on these blogs – there are some great ideas this week. Angie Eakland (@aeakland) – Coefficients of DeterminationThe fourth post for the Blogging Initiation is titled “Visions of PEMDAS danced thorugh my head” and the author sums it up as follows: Order of Operations is such an important topic at sixth grade. It’s not really something the students can discover and so their initial understandings come down to how good of a job I do at introducing it in a memorable way. I created a new foldable that – in part – made this the easiest introduction I’ve ever had. A memorable quotation from the post is: Students LOVED the foldable, they LOVED getting to choose the four colors that they would use with intentionality (my word, not theirs :)), and I loved how easily students picked up the idea of doing […]


New Blogger Initiative Week 3

It’s time for week 3’s crop of new bloggers. It’s hard to keep up with all of the new bloggers, but I do have to say that the group I read this week had some great stuff and I’m glad I made time to read them. Help encourage them and leave them comments please!Maggie Acree (@pitoinfinity8) – pitoinfinityThe third post for the Blogging Initiation is titled ‘The Why” and the author sums it up as follows: I have never written down the “why” of teaching. This post is for me but also to remind us all we need to love what we do even when it gets hard. Right now, we are challenged beyond belief in so many ways, so we have to keep the “why” at the forefront. I love math and I love teaching! A memorable quotation from the post is: But the answer is simple, I love what I do.My thoughts: Reading why others teach reminds me […]


New Blogger Initiative – Week 2

It’s week 2 of the New Blogger Initiative and I’ll be honest, it has been a crazy week. It’s my first week back and things have been beyond nuts. I apologize in advance for not offering much commentary here. As we’ve all said before, please take some time and check out these new bloggers and comment where you can. You know yourself how those comments can really help you. So, here we go… Angie Eakland (@aeakland) – Coefficients of DeterminationThis week’s post for the Blogging Initiation is titled “WANTED: Dead or Alive“and the author sums it up as follows: This post is about a project students worked on involving direct variation functions. It has all the elements of a good learning activity: higher-level thought, pulling out misconceptions, cementing good understandings, a little art, and a lot of fun! The project could be applied to almost any topic of study and the results were awesome! A memorable quotation from the post […]


Freshly Minted New Math Bloggers Week 1

Hi everyone! Courtesy of Sam Shah’s New Blogger Initiation, here are 15 freshly minted blog posts by new math teacher bloggers. Please take some time, check them out, and comment! As those of you who blog know, those comments sometimes really help keep you going – they let you know that you’re not alone in this great Math Twitterblogosphere¬†and they also encourage you to keep blogging! So take a few moments and help these new bloggers out. Thanks! David Price (@compactspaces) – Compact SpacesThe first post for the Blogging Initiation is titled “First NBI (and ever!) post” and the author sums it up as follows: Since teachers have offices but no fixed rooms at my school, a major concern of my mine is how to build a strong classroom culture (and smoothly running classroom) without the use of four walls. Thus one of my goals is to figure out some portable ways of incorporating things like rules/norms, student work, and […]


New Math Bloggers: Need Help?

Sam Shah has put together an amazing challenge for new math bloggers. It was so amazing that he got almost 200 respondents (who knew there were that many people wanting to blog about math teaching?). There are about 10 of us who have offered to help out by featuring these new bloggers on their own blog. I am one of these “experienced bloggers.” Like Sue VanHattum, I also wanted to offer help. If it weren’t for the encouragement of many in the math twitterblogosphere (such as Julie, Kristen, and Shelli), I wouldn’t have gotten very far. So, like Sue, I am going to offer some help for up to 5 new bloggers who need some encouragement. If you have questions and would like some answers from someone who’s been there, post in the comments, please. I’ll take the first 5. You can then email me at lmhenry9 at gmail and I’ll answer them. Meanwhile, I look forward to hear what […]

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