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Together we are better.

I  miss you all. It has been a difficult year in many ways for me, so I have not been as active on Twitter or on my blog. In the last few days, I have come to realize that I miss it. A lot. This has not been my best year of teaching. I’m not going to go into all of the reasons, but one of the conclusions I have come to is that part of it is that I have gotten away from the MTBoS (Math Twitter Blog-o-Sphere for the uninitiated). I haven’t been reading blogs, I haven’t been keeping up with Twitter (I’m still trying to figure out how to do that…) and I haven’t been looking at the awesome resources I have compiled from the MTBoS over the last few years in my Evernote. I need to go back to doing that. In fact, I have started to do that. I’ll share some of that in other posts. I do […]

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Thankful for the #MTBoS

This is going to end up being a hodge-podge post, but I do need to get some things out while I am thinking of them. Algebra 1 had their first assessment today. Results were mixed. I was disappointed. I have not made completing homework part of their grade as of yet, but I have been tracking if they have completed it, partially completed it, or not completed it. We also spent a couple of days practicing in class prior to their assessment today. (I used the Turnover Activity from Math Tales from the Spring and the Folders Review from Mrs. Graham’s Math – a new favorite and an old favorite.) Upon looking at their assessments, I believe that they did not take the review very seriously. I think I stayed too hands off during their review time and they did not work as hard as they should have. I am definitely re-thinking a few things for them. I think Monday we […]

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My Presentation on the Math Twitterblogosphere

In January, I was asked to present as part of a panel discussion about Twitter Math Camp and the Math Twitterblogosphere. Ann Drobnis, an Einstein Fellow working at the NSF, contacted me asking if I would share what makes our Community of Practice successful. I presented to mostly university professors and NSF personnel who are involved in putting together and facilitating a community of practice for Computer Science teachers who are part of an initiative called CS10K, which is trying to add 10,000 Computer Science teachers by 2015 (I believe it started in 2010). Both Steve Weimar (of the Math Forum) and myself represented parts of the Math Education community, the remaining speakers (Mark Guzdial, Neil Brown, and Shay Pokress) were from various aspects of the Computer Science community. Since Sam asked, here’s my presentation: The link to these slides is found here.Good morning. My name is Lisa Henry and I teach high school math at Brookfield High School in northeast Ohio. […]

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How the Math Twitterblogosphere Has Changed Me

Before I tweeted, blogged, and organized Twitter Math Camp, I was a much different teacher. I did mostly lecture-style teaching. I had very little contact with other math teachers outside of my district. I spent little time outside of my school day thinking about mathematics and teaching mathematics. And then I found Twitter. (Well, actually my husband asked me to check it out for something else and here I am. 🙂 ) I saw all these great and wonderful teachers and what they were doing in their classes and thought to myself, “Maybe I can do that in my classes.” I went to visit one of my Twitter friends and saw that I wasn’t totally off base in how I taught (because after reading all of these great things others are doing, you do start questioning what you are doing in your class). I started incorporating more and more things that I learned and read about from my fellow members in […]

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