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Properties of Logarithms Question

In Algebra 2, we are working on logarithms right now. I am pretty much sticking with what I did last year – I was pleased with the results and the students have continued to respond well. Mathy McMatherson’s post on sharing assessments caught my attention as I was catching up on GReader posts. Since I am getting ready to assess properties of logarithms, I thought I’d share a question I am considering. As I was teaching today and we were discussing the change of base formula, I was thinking about how it tied in with the properties of logarithms we did the day before. Traditionally, some of the problems give the student the value of a logarithm they don’t know (like log_2_3) and ask the student to approximate, say, log_2_12. So here’s my thought: Question Version 1a) Write log_5_200 as a sum or difference of logarithms.b) If you are given that log_5_8 = 1.2920, use the expression you wrote in […]

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Update on Logs

I am just about done grading the exponentials and logs quizzes from today and my students did about the best they have ever done in the years I’ve taught Algebra 2. Here are a couple of things that I did that worked: My version of Log Wars (with a reference to the loop for logs from Amy Gruen)  – both of these worked amazingly well with my students. I could see that they understood what to do and could show me how to get the answers. My Advanced Algebra 2 students wanted to play Log Wars again. Kate Nowak’s approach to the Log Laws was also helpful. Students are still struggling with them, but struggling less than in years past. Still gotta work with this one some more to get it where I’d like. This post originally appeared on An “Old Math Dog” Learning New Tricks.

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My Version of Log Wars

Today in Algebra 2, we did my version of Logarithm War. For the uninitiated, here is the post from Kate Nowak with her version. With my Algebra 2 students, my goal was to have them practice solving for x in a logarithmic equation. If you’ve read my blog as of late, I have been very frustrated with their lack of arithmetic skills, especially with regards to powers lately.  What I did was have them get into pairs and grab whiteboards. There are 36 cards (so if I had an odd number of students, there could be a group of 3 and still divide the piles into equal numbers) and they were divide the cards into equal piles. Each student was to work out their problem and the person with the highest answer got the cards. If they were equal, they were to lay down another card face down and then a 3rd card face up, which they were to work […]

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