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Algebra 2 Learning Targets Revision

Well, I did it. For as long as I have been thinking about it (pretty much since I was told in April that I would be teaching Algebra 2), I finally took the learning targets for Algebra 2 and rearranged them (if you wish a little more detail, check out my recent blog post on what I’m changing this year). If you’re wondering what the inspiration was, head off to Jonathan Claydon‘s blog and read through his Pivot Algebra 2 posts. It wasn’t without struggle. I’m finally ready to hack my Alg2 curriculum to pieces & I find myself stalling. Doesn’t help that my computer chose to have probs now. — Lisa Henry (@lmhenry9) August 3, 2016 @stoodle I’ve taught Alg2 like 19 of my 24 years and mostly the same order / “way.” Really struggling with the final doing the change. — Lisa Henry (@lmhenry9) August 3, 2016 @stoodle And I can’t figure out why I’m struggling with putting it […]

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