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Deliberate Language

At TMC17, Glenn Waddell did a My Favorite on being deliberate about the words we use to describe the humans in our classrooms: whether it in addressing the whole group (“you guys”) or how we describe the humans we interact with daily in our classroom settings (“students”). It got me thinking. I have been guilty of referring to a whole group of people as “you guys,” even when the group is not all male. I hadn’t really ever thought about it. I have been working on deliberately not using this term in my daily language. I am generally successful. I have taken to referring to the group of people in my classroom as “ladies and gentlemen.” I’m not really sure why I have stuck upon this phrase – maybe it is hopeful in that they will live up to the title (as opposed to boys and girls), but it is working for me at this point. I noticed today when I […]

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