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My Version of Interactive Notebooks (INBs)

This blog post is in response to Matt Baker: @lmhenry9 how much do you do with your INB? I do a bit of @rawrdimis’s thing but I need to tweak — Mattie B (@stoodle) July 24, 2016 This had started from a tweet I sent out looking for suggestions about what Elissa Miller had requsted: a unit summary sheet for the end of each unit in her class’ interactive notebooks (INBs for short). Continuing our Twitter conversation: @stoodle @lmhenry9 what tweaks are you thinking? — Jasmine Walker (@jaz_math) July 24, 2016 @jaz_math @lmhenry9 kids were …sloppy with them. Didn’t see the point. I need more structure (but I’m not a foldables guy) — Mattie B (@stoodle) July 24, 2016 @jaz_math @lmhenry9 also I assign homework so it’s difficult to leave in the room — Mattie B (@stoodle) July 24, 2016 @lmhenry9 @jaz_math do you have homework? — Mattie B (@stoodle) July 24, 2016 @stoodle A lot. I’m more like @rawrdimus than […]

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