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Need Help with Groups / Group Work

I arranged my desks in pods of 4 (or 5) as I shared in this tweet: Well, I did this today. Still not totally sure about it, but I did it. Also got lovely new VNPS over the summer. — Lisa Henry (@lmhenry9) August 3, 2016 I’ve never really done group work well or consistently. But, with a nudge / inspiration from Alex Overwijk, I am going to work through this. @lmhenry9 @MaryBourassa @fractallove314 if you make a small change tend to resort back to “old” self so make it so different that at the 1/2 — Alex Overwijk (@AlexOverwijk) July 28, 2016 @lmhenry9 @MaryBourassa @fractallove314 end it still looks different 2/2 — Alex Overwijk (@AlexOverwijk) July 28, 2016 So, here is my question – How do you do groups in your (high school) classroom? How do you balance instruction (which I will need to do because it’s Algebra 2) with appropriate group oriented activities? Please either tweet […]

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