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#Descon16 Reflections

Normally, I don’t blog during TMC. In fact, it’s the night before we start and I really ought to be headed to bed. But I had some thoughts and connections I had made while at the Desmos Preconference. After our kickoff to the morning, we separated ourselves into groups based on comfort / ability level with Desmos (beginning, intermediate, or advanced). At first, I thought I may be a beginner plus but not quite advanced, but once I saw the document that Michael Fenton created, I realized that I was a solid intermediate. After some discussion of where to head, Julie Reulbach made the point that if I went to intermediate, I could end up helping others whereas if I went to advanced, I would be pushed and would be learning from others. I definitely wanted to be pushed a little bit, so I went to advanced and promptly figured out I was over my head. But I stayed anyway. What […]

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Graphing Linear Functions Practice

I know I’ve been MIA as of late. Preparing lessons has been keeping me rather busy. I’m trying to get caught up here, but have been having trouble even sitting down to blog. Something I did last week was inspired by @pamjwilson: @lmhenry9 graphing the eqs? Would it work if you roll dice one is x-int, other y-int, graph, then write eq?, use sharpie to add neg to some — geomelirious (@pamjwilson) October 24, 2013 I happened to have some small wooden cubes from Hobby Lobby (like these but smaller) so I came up with numbers to put on the sides and set up the following stations: I told them to roll the dice three times and work out the resulting graph on dry erase boards. The activity did not take as long as I thought it may and I don’t think they took it as seriously as I would have liked. When doing it again, I think I would […]

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When does "by hand" graphing or processes matter?

I am finishing up teaching polynomials to my Algebra 2 classes. We are discussing the Rational Root Theorem (i.e. p’s and q’s) right now. When I presented the material on Friday, I went through the whole process – finding the factors of p, finding the factors of q, finding the p/q values and testing using synthetic division. As much as I like doing synthetic division, I had forgotten how frustrating this process is for students – it is tedious and they know by now that they can find the zeros by finding the x-intercepts of the graph. So, as I reflected over the weekend and into this morning, I decided when I assess them on this learning target, I am only going to ask them to identity the factors of p and q and the p/q values. I am not going to ask them to fully find the zeros of the polynomial from that list. The more I thought about […]

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