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Factoring Flowchart

On the afternoon I was digging through my Evernote archives, I stumbled upon this gem of a post by Elissa Miller. She was talking about checking to make sure they knew the difference between each type of factoring. I had just given an assessment on factoring and solving quadratic equations by factoring to my Algebra 1 students and they did poorly on it. I knew that part of it was they just didn’t practice enough, but I also recognized that they didn’t know how to figure out what kind of factoring to do. After looking at Elissa’s flowchart to help her students, I decided to create one of my own for mine. I printed these 2 to a page on card stock so students could put them in the folder in their interactive notebooks easily. What I decided to do is to offer feedback on the assessment to the students to help guide them in making better decisions on what […]

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It only took me 23 years to get it right…

For the first time, I am really happy with how I am teaching factoring and how my students are catching on to it. Throughout this unit, I have been talking about how factoring is un-doing the distributive process that we did when multiplying polynomials. We are looking for the factors that we multiplied to get us the answer we are given. We are not all of the way through, but this is what I have done so far: Days -2¬†through 2¬†– Introduced X-Puzzles (Julie references them) for students to work on finding two numbers that multiply and give one number and add up to another number (example – two numbers that multiply and give 48 and add up to 14: 6 and 8) Day 1 – Taught how to factor using the GCF. Day 2 – Taught how to factor four terms using 2 and 2 grouping. Day 3 – In class practice factoring using the GCF and 2 and […]

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Factoring Practice #made4math

I had blogged last Thursday that I thought my Algebra 2 students would do pretty well on their factoring assessment on Friday. Guess I shouldn’t count my chickens before they hatch… It’s not that they did badly, for they didn’t, but they didn’t do as well as I had hoped and expected. I really want them to have a solid factoring foundation as we proceed through the year. A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to take the math placement test that many colleges use to decide where students place into college mathematics. One of the biggest things that struck me was how many problems used factoring as a part of the process in solving the problem. Now that I have seen that, I want to make sure my students have that solid foundation in factoring. I decided that I would hand back their assessments on Monday and then set them up into groups of 4 (and some […]

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