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A long-winded answer to Annie’s query

So Annie from the Math Forum posted the following tweets today: After recent talk about notice&wonder, sense-making, T said, “Sounds great, but I have to finish Ch4 by end of Nov or else…(1/2) — Annie Fetter (@MFAnnie) November 24, 2014 …I don’t have time for that ‘habits of mind’ stuff because I have to cover too much content.” What say you? (2/2) — Annie Fetter (@MFAnnie) November 24, 2014 I didn’t think I could reply in 140 characters (or even 280), so here goes: I used to think the same way. I have to cover x, y, and z by the end of the year and I wouldn’t have enough time to do the Math Forum Problems of the Week or problem solving or (fill in the blank of your favorite thing we don’t get to). This year I decided that I was going to do the Algebra Problems of the Week with my Algebra 1 classes. Every 2 weeks, […]

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Learning Lessons About PoWs

This is the first year I am using The Math Forum’s Problems of the Week in my classes. I have been aware of the Problems of the Week (PoWs) for quite some time but I have never used them in my classes before. My involvement as an EnCoMPASS Fellow since last summer has encouraged me to try them in my classes this year. Right now, I am working with the Algebra PoW in my Algebra 1 classes. So far, I have done 2 PoWs with them. We are finishing work on Kristina’s Code (PoW #2704 – which you can see after this week if you have a PoW membership) this week. I’d like to take a few moments to share some observations I have about using the PoWs in my classroom. I will be honest, I have pretty much just put the problems in front of my students with very little instruction to date. We begin on Monday (or Tuesday) by […]

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Grateful for EnCoMPASS 2014

At this moment, I am sitting in the Philadelphia airport waiting for it to be time to board my flight home. It has been a full week in Philadelphia for me as I have been a participant in the EnCoMPASS Summer Institute. Like last year, there were 16 on site participants alongside about 15-20 Math Forum, Drexel, and other EnCoMPASS people. Unlike last year, we also participated in many online Google Hangouts with 15-20 online participants. At these times, we had eight hangouts going on at once, so we had to spread out so we could hear what was going on. I am not going to recap the institute ad nauseum. I do want to focus on some of my own takeaways. Learning One of my main goals in attending the Summer Institute this year was to learn as much as possible about The Math Forum Problems of the Week. Since this is a resource at my disposal, I want to […]

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Reflections on EnCoMPASS

For the last few days, I have had the privilege of being in Philadelphia attending the EnCoMPASS Workshop. Twenty-four people from across the United States, plus some of the Math Forum staff, plus other Drexel and Temple University professors and staff came together for three days to continue the work of the grant that we had begun online. So, what exactly are we doing? We are doing a couple of things. Part of what is being done is a study of how online professional development can effectively work. The other part is to develop software for teachers to use to help in their practice. There are not a whole lot of concrete answers at this point, which is difficult for several of the EnCoMPASS Fellows to swallow. Right now, things are very open-ended so that as we Fellows express our needs and desires as to what would be helpful to us, we are not led there by someone else. This way, the end […]

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