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I <3 Crocheting

At By TMC17, one of the really difficult decisions I had to make was what morning session I was going to attend. The math teacher in me wanted to attend Cal Armstrong, Bill Thill, and Peg Cagle‘s Rich Tasks Morning Session. The “I wanna play math” person in me wanted to attend to attend David Butler and Megan Schmidt‘s Mathematical Yarns Morning Session. (Recap: Rich Tasks won) But, I really wanted to learn how to crochet. Tina Cardone organized time in the evenings to learn crochet and help work on creating a square that would eventually be assembled into a blanket and donated (I forget to whom). So, I thought I would work on learning crochet that way. I tried to learn. I really did. But I’m not sure if my brain was really ready for it Wednesday night of TMC and Tina had a specific way she was teaching crochet and for whatever reason, it just wasn’t clicking for me. I wanted to […]

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