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Fresh Off the Press

Get your fresh and hot Algebra 1 Learning Targets here! I have spent several days working on my Algebra 1 Learning Targets in preparation for my curriculum map. Here’s what I did: I teach in Ohio, which is part of the PARCC consortium. They have been working with the Dana Center at the University of Texas for the testing prototypes, so with the advice of our county math person, I went to look at their units for Algebra 1. I stated with that and did some tweaking. I also looked at a document the wonderful Christina Hamman shared from her district to help guide me in my writing of the Learning Targets. It was really helpful – many times, I found I had written almost the exact thing that teachers in her district had written. Although I have the Learning Targets written, I am not done. I still have to finish the Curriculum Map itself with pacing and timing. I still have […]

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Concepts Lists DONE!!

Well, it has been a long couple of days, but I am now done, done, DONE with my concept lists.  Calculus was an absolute bear.  I am working with a new book (the Finney, Demana, Waits, and Kennedy 3rd Edition Media Update which is for AP Calc – 2010 copyright) so I am trying to sort through that plus figure out just how many learning targets I need.  So with some starting help from @praxisofreflect (her post with her concept lists is here), I was able to get it done.  She had already typed up what she felt the learning targets should be from the same book and I began with that and culled it down to what I felt were the essential things I would be testing.  Unlike with my other classes, I think there will be more than one question per learning target.  Also, unlike my other classes, this concept list will be more in flux than the others. […]


Math 1 Concept List

I need help again.  I have done my Math 1 concept list.  Some background on Math 1: These are students who are lower level freshmen and not totally ready for Algebra. This is a new textbook for this course (McGraw Hill’s Algebra Concepts and Applications).  It was chosen because we use the Geometry Concepts and Apps by the same publisher for Math 2 and we wanted to be working on Algebra 1 skills with these students. Ohio standards for 9th grade are basically all Algebra-related.  Actually some of the 8th grade standards are also Algebra related. This will be the first group of students who are required by the State of Ohio to have Algebra 2 or its equivalent to graduate. These students will take Algebra 1 at some point (either next or after taking Math 2). I know these students will not get all the way through my concept list.  I can’t even reasonably say how far I think […]

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Algebra 2 Concept List

This is very much a work in progress.  I took the list of the objectives from my Adv. Alg 2 book and listed them based on what I have covered in the past.  I still have to find corresponding sections in my Alg 2 book, as well as the Ohio Standards.  I also decided that since we will be heading to the Core Standards in 2011-2012, I would also match them.  Haven’t gotten that far yet.  Also, I haven’t put them in any order yet.  There are a couple I am thinking of taking out – haven’t gotten there yet. Background info:Adv Alg 2 is our students on a track for Calculus if they stick it out.  Alg 2 is our college prep/”regular” students.  In Ohio, all students will have to take Alg 2 or an Alg 2 equivalent to graduate, starting with our upcoming freshmen (class of 2014).  They also have to have 4 credits of math.  Our current […]

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