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Thursday Lunch

This is something I have meant to do for a while. I finally got the gumption up to do it in October and have been doing it since then. I have grown tired of hearing the same types of conversation at lunch. I’m sure you’re familiar with most of it – complaints about students, the political situation, etc.¬†While sometimes I’d like to eat alone, I still want some interaction during lunch. So, on one Thursday towards the end of October, I decided to go to the cafeteria and sit with the kids. (No, this isn’t me or my students. But you get the idea.) It was a little nerve-wracking at first. I didn’t know if I would find a table to sit at or students who were willing to share their lunch time with me. Fortunately, a couple of my students had an empty seat at their table and were very welcoming when I asked if I could sit at […]

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