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Given Time, Things Work

In between conferences last night, I was grading Algebra 1 papers. My students had an assessment over graphing (using a table), confirming that points on the line belonged to the equation graphed, and comparing a graph, a table, and an equation. By no means, is this the most exciting thing I teach in Algebra, but it is a necessary thing and important for some future understandings. This is my third year teaching Algebra 1 under the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. Although I am getting more comfortable with the standards, I am, by no means, a master of teaching them. I have made some improvements, but I don’t feel I’m at the point that I absolutely have gotten there. As my 3rd Algebra 1 class walked in yesterday, they told me, “Mrs. Henry, I heard this test was hard.” My heart sank. I had not gotten far in grading the assessments, but what I had seen so far looked great. […]

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Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Today we were working on a learning target where my Algebra 1 students would have to explain what the slope and y-intercept meant either in an equation or as part of a problem situation. I think today was one of our better class days and it was certainly our best discussion day. At this point, I don’t remember a lot of the specifics, but I do remember is that my students were able to explain why they believed a value was the slope or the y-intercept. As we have been working through the Common Core State Standards this year, I have really been putting a heavier emphasis on my students being able to explain why they are getting the answer they are getting or what something represents. At times, it has felt like I am pulling teeth to get them to do it. But slowly, surely, we have been getting better. I am starting to see more students being willing […]

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Common Core and PARCC Combined Tables

You may have noticed a lack of posts here lately. It is for many reasons, many of which involve the busy-ness of being a mom of a 6th grader and a 3rd grader and a math teacher and other roles. But part of why involves a project I began in late October. I teach in Ohio, which is was (as of June 30, 2015) a PARCC Consortia state. When Common Core was first released in 2010, grades K through 8 had their own set of mathematics standards. There are 5 domains of standards at the high school level, but they are not arranged by course. In addition, as you read the standards, there is some overlap. An Appendix (A) was added with a suggested list of which standards should go with which course (Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 or Math 1, 2, or 3), but that’s as much guidance that has been given. So Ohio was involved with both consortia at the beginning. […]

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Thoughts on Retention

Why is it so hard for students to retain information? I know this is a question that has been popping up for me almost daily as we are working through the rational expressions unit. Students have to factor as a part of the process and I still have students with issues factoring. There is multiplying binomial times binomial and they don’t remember how to do that either. Both concepts I have taught this year. I think I have some of the answer. It is in our culture of how we teach our students. My dad and I had a conversation about it. He shared with me his adult learning experiences and how he was more successful than other students who had just left college. My dad’s approach involved asking questions and tying the new material to his experiences and prior knowledge. The students in the course who had recently attended college tended to “study” the material the evening prior to […]

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Common Core Concerns

I am starting to become concerned about teaching Common Core next year. After having done the Gap Analysis between what I currently teach and what I will be teaching, there is a lot that I haven’t taught either in a few years, or ever. It’s not that I am concerned about teaching it – I am pretty flexible, content-wise. I am concerned with how my students are going to adjust to the new expectations. My Advanced Algebra 2 students had a quiz Wednesday. Rather than knockin’ it out of the park, there were a lot of ground outs, and some pretty ugly ones too. These are supposed to be the best of my current students and lately, they’ve been pretty awful with their work ethic and drive.  As we were working through the review colored folders, I could tell that they have not been putting forth the effort to really learn the material until before the test. They were asking […]

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Going and Coming

February is over. Even though it is the shortest month by number of days, it certainly almost always seems to take the longest to pass. February is also usually when the teaching doldrums set in for me. This year was no exception, and I think it hit me even harder because of this goofy weather. It is March 1st as I write this and the only weather-related change we have had was a 2-hour delay on our first day back from Christmas Break. Last year at this point we had missed either 6 or 7 days due to weather (we ended up missing 8 days). In spite of being in school more days and not having lost instruction days due to semester exams, I am about 2 weeks behind where I was last year. Part of it is due to the amount of review I have had to do with this group of students. Part of it is due to […]

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NCTM11 – Common Core

I went to three different sessions today about Common Core.  Two of the three sessions I was at were packed solid – the third was in Hall F and wasn’t anywhere near as packed. This is definitely one of the things teachers want to know about this year – or at least it seems that way by the attendance at sessions on Common Core. I started off at Learning Progressions and the Common Core State Standards that was done by Bradford Findell of the Ohio Department of Education. Of the three sessions, this was the one I got the least out of and I left it early to head to stop at the exhibits before heading to see Arne Duncan speak. Friday was my most solid day of sessions. Most of what Findell talked about I already knew – he reviewed the nomenclature and organziation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS – which corrected to CUSS the first time I tweeted […]

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