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All the stuff I’ve stolen from the MTBoS

aka the obligatory tour of my classroom while it is still pretty clean. Tomorrow, kiddos come to school. Here is my classroom 2015-2016 edition: Here is the doorway into my classroom. I will be doing my best to high five┬ámy students as they enter my classroom. View of my classroom from the door when rounds one and two of classroom setup were done. Similar view after round three finished up today. This is our second year where we have a school wide theme. At the end of the school year, our cheerleaders ask students to submit ideas and take the top or best three to the student body to vote on. This year, our theme is “Hollywood Red Carpet, Warriors are Stars!” Two of the bulletin boards have red fabric with gold stars on them, the other two have images of Hollywood on them. Front of the classroom. Place for the date and a quote on this dry erase board. […]

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