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Making the Change Happen

And for her next feat, our heroine figures out what the heck happened over the last few years.   On Saturday afternoon at Twitter Math Camp, we have flex sessions. One of those sessions was about how to deal with resistance to change. I think the original thought was to talk about dealing with that resistance within our own departments but if I remember correctly, it was born out of some of the comments I had made in my previous blog post. My original plan was to bop between three different flex sessions, but the conversation was so good that I couldn’t even think about tearing myself away from the session. Before I knew it, it was 5:00 and time to wrap for the day.   Lisa Bejarano led the session with some questions and thoughts. Probably the largest thing I got out of the session had to do with this graphic about why change is successful and not successful. […]

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Hi, my name is Lisa…

… and I am not one of the best, nor an amazing math teacher. I am at TMC14, which was described by my friend Glenn Waddell as follows: I heard #tmc14 described this way yesterday. 150 teachers who all believe they can change the world. Here they are. — Glenn Waddell, Jr. (@gwaddellnvhs) July 24, 2014 Steve Leinwand shared this tweet today to the group in the opening of his keynote presentation. As I read this, I so felt not worthy of this tweet. And I as have continued to read people’s reaction to TMC14 and seen similar tweets, I continue to feel not worthy. The theme of most of them is something like this: “150 of the best, most amazing math teachers in the world at TMC14…” I am not the best math teacher. I am not an amazing math teacher. I have a LOT of work to do to improve. There. I said it. I wrote it […]

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