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New Additions

I have added two new “pages” at the top of my blog – the first is a link to my Common Core Mathematics Links page at school. I am assembling what web resources I am finding for our staff there and like Kristen Fouss did, I thought you all may find what I’ve got to be helpful. Also, I have added a link to my Common Core Resources I have assembled on Diigo. I haven’t been through all of them, but once again, you may find them helpful. Enjoy! This post originally appeared on An “Old Math Dog” Learning New Tricks.


NCTM11 – Achievement and the Common Core

The last NCTM session I attended was Matt Larson’s “Supporting Students’ Achievement of the ‘Common Core.’” I had initially marked this one, then after 3 CCSS sessions yesterday, debated whether to go and ended up here after the other session I had looked at was stuff I already knew. This was the best of the 4 Common Core sessions I attended because I felt he gave us things we could look at on a district level. The other three sessions I attended gave suggestions but they were things that were out of my and my district’s control. Larson spoke quickly, but he did give us his email at the end of the session to get his powerpoint. I have uploaded it to my here. Once again, these are my notes from the session and they are somewhat scattered because of the amount of material and the speed he spoke. Research tells us about a challenging curriculum that the keys are A^2 – […]

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NCTM11 – Common Core

I went to three different sessions today about Common Core.  Two of the three sessions I was at were packed solid – the third was in Hall F and wasn’t anywhere near as packed. This is definitely one of the things teachers want to know about this year – or at least it seems that way by the attendance at sessions on Common Core. I started off at Learning Progressions and the Common Core State Standards that was done by Bradford Findell of the Ohio Department of Education. Of the three sessions, this was the one I got the least out of and I left it early to head to stop at the exhibits before heading to see Arne Duncan speak. Friday was my most solid day of sessions. Most of what Findell talked about I already knew – he reviewed the nomenclature and organziation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS – which corrected to CUSS the first time I tweeted […]

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