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Writing Quadratic Equations Card Sort

While working with having learners write quadratic equations, I found they were having difficulty even getting to the equation. One of the things that surprised me the most was how much difficulty learners had in translating what I would consider basic phrases (find two consecutive integers when the smaller number squared increased by three times the larger number is 47, for example). I put together a card sort with various types of situations that would result in setting up a quadratic equation and then learners would have find the correct equation and then solve the equation. None of these problems are looking for a maximum or minimum (i.e. the vertex). I realize that many of these problems may be considered pseudo-context, but they were what I could find to get close to what I thought the standards were looking for. This card sort was designed to work with the following Common Core State Standards: A.CED.1 Create equations and inequalities in […]

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Solving Inequalities Card Sort

In my Math 1 (not ready for Algebra 1 freshmen) class, we are working on solving and graphing inequalities. Today, my students were working with multiple step inequalities – some two-step, some with variables on both sides, and some with parentheses. I had students work in pairs and they were given twelve sets of cards, mixed up in baggies. There were twelve problems, twelve answers, and twelve graphs in each set. Their task was to match problem with answer and graph. I gave them this work page to show their work on: We had about 25 minutes or so in class to work on this. Many students got through 6 or so. When I printed the cards, I printed them on colored card stock and used a different color for each type (problems in one color, answers in another color, and graphs in a third color). Students in both classes worked fairly well. I had hoped they would get through […]

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