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I Miss Blogging

There. I said it. I miss blogging. Between Kate’s and Michael’s recent posts and other things going on in my life, I have been thinking that a lot. Michael’s post challenged me so much that I had to respond to it. At the time I read it, I was in the car and had read it on my phone and it compelled me so much that I had to tweet Michael that I loved his post and that I would respond when I had time. And when I did have time later that evening, I just got started and kept going. But I meant every word I wrote. So, I am making myself a pact and so I’ll stick to it better, I’m making it public. I am going to read blogs more. If something moves me in the post, I am going to make an effort to comment to the author. Michael said that “Every comment on a post […]

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Why I Blog – as requested by @k8nowak

I have been so busy as of late – so many things floating through my head, not enough hours in the day. I miss blogging – I have things I want to share, but again, just not enough time. I did see this post by Kate Nowak a while ago, and I wanted to respond. She’s helped me with great posts from her blog – I feel it’s the least I can do. 1. What hooked you on reading the blogs? Was it a particular post or person? Was it an initiative by the nice MTBoS folks? A colleague in your building got you into it? Desperation? I don’t know if I can pinpoint a particular post or person right now. When I first started on Twitter in 2009-2010, I remember seeing people tweet out their blog posts and I would follow the link and read it. I really started reading them in the Summer of 2010. At that point, I was […]

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