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NCTM Institute on Reasoning and Sense Making – Capturing Perplexity Breakout Session (Dan Meyer) 7/29

I should begin by laying out the following things for the reader –This was an hour and fifteen minute breakout session with Dan Meyer titled Capturing Perplexity. Dan delivered the opening keynote¬†yesterday. Within one minute (I am not kidding) of the dismissal from the Panel Discussion, this session was standing room only. NCTM personnel kicked anyone out without a seat, but not before announcing that Dan had graciously agreed to do this session again in the afternoon in place of a session that had to be cancelled. He later tweeted that the afternoon session was almost full in spite of it only being announced by people on twitter and word of mouth. My notes are a little more sketchy here at times because I was being an active participant in the session. I did really like that Dan had us engaged and we weren’t all looking at packets of problems as I am accustomed to at a workshop. Dan began […]

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Trip – class plan version 1

I am trying to set this up as an in-class deal with my lower-level freshmen. I am trying to follow what Dan Meyer set up as a framework here. Here is the setup.¬†(note, page 2 is blank) Ask students for what they wonder about this slide. I am looking for them to question why the trips look basically the same and have different times. Here is where I am new to this and looking for guidance… I think I would provide to them the routes the websites came up with. They have previous experience with d = rt, so I don’t think I will need to provide time to instruct them on it (although they may need some coaxing to come up with it). I think I pretty much let them have at it. I am debating whether to break them down into smaller groups and each group has one or two of the four routes to look at or […]

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Lawnmowing Ponderings

In addition to all of the other things I do between work and home, I mow the lawn most of the time. I started doing this more in earnest last year, somewhat at the prodding of my husband to get some exercise as I was (and still am) working on losing weight. To be honest, it is not my favorite chore, but I am getting to the point that I mostly enjoy it because it gives me about an hour and a half to ponder things. When I started mowing, I wanted to ponder the Wii Bowling problem I’ve blogged about recently. I am really struggling with it at this point. I have pretty much come to the conclusion that whatever math is involved in determining the skill level is out of my realm. I have never failed on this kind of level with a lesson. Well, the students did get to Wii bowl in class for two days and […]

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