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Struggling & GReader Cleaning

I feel like I am struggling at the moment. I really wanted to make some changes in how I teach this year and I have made some changes. I have incorporated some different things into my teaching, but I am still at the forefront of my classroom. I struggle with this mentally at least weekly, if not more so. I wanted to be incorporating Reasoning and Sense Making into my classes. I’m not. I did bring in an open question last week into my Advanced Algebra 2 class and it didn’t go as well as I hoped. I did partially use this approach today that John Scammell blogged about last week. I think the next time I use it, I will follow the approach as it was blogged about – when I was thinking about it this morning on my way into work, all I could remember was showing which points made the inequality true. In my first class, I […]

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My bellringer today for Testing Thursday was this question from the 2009 Ohio Graduation Test: To be honest, I didn’t feel it was a particularly difficult question. I was quite surprised when all three of my Algebra 2 classes who saw this question today had no idea where to start. They didn’t even want to hazard a guess at it. I had one student in my Advanced Algebra 2 class who knew the answer, but this particular student catches on to some things mathematically that most students wouldn’t even want to venture towards. I’m not totally sure how to explain him, but let’s leave it at that it doesn’t surprise me he figured it out and rather quickly. I have noticed over the last week or so that my students already are not really engaging with the OGT testing questions I have put in front of them. Part of me can hardly blame them, but on the other hand, I […]


School Year Goals 2011-2012

Since my #summerlist helped keep me on track somewhat this summer (I did get a lot done, but not quite all I wanted to), I thought it would help me stay on track if I did something similar for the school year. My list, however, is not going to be as lengthy. Hopefully, this will help keep me accountable and focus what I want to accomplish this school year. I have never done this before, but I have also never felt compelled to do this either. So, here goes nothing, I guess. Goal 1 – BellringersI have never done a great job consistently starting the period. Some classes I have done a better job than others, but I have not really ever been consistent. This summer I came up with a plan for “themes” for bellringer activities: Mental Monday Testing Tuesday What-We’ve-Been-Doin’ Wednesday Testing Thursday (or possibly Think-About-It Thursday depending) Free-For-All Friday Since I have my students keep 3-ring binders, […]

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