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A fertile mind?

I have been here before. I have returned from (now my 6th) TMC and have lists of all sorts of ideas that I would like to implement in my classroom and teaching practice this school year. What is going to be different this year? I ask that question because I looked back at what I posted after TMC16 and what I wanted to change and very little of it happened. I didn’t have the heart to go back and look at TMC15 to see how I did there. I could certainly make excuses or list reasons why I didn’t do what I had wanted to. It really doesn’t matter at this point. So, what’s different this year? I think my mind was ready to receive the learning and implement it in my classroom. For years, (yes, you can go back and look if you really want to), I have been saying I want to implement (more) Rich Tasks in my classroom. I […]

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