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Working on the To-Do List

Well, I am slowly chipping away at the before school To-Do List. First up was the first day presentation of stuff.  I started off trying to do some of the cool stuff that @msgregson did in hers, but since I was still trying to figure out the program, I backed off after getting tremendously frustrated at times.  Maybe once I get quicker with it.  I haven’t done seating charts yet, so that’s not in there (but there is a page for it).  The second blank page is for the answers to my Day One Quiz Prezi.  Also, on the contact info page, there is a link to my high school’s webpage so I can show them the easiest way to get to my webpage (if you really want to see it, DM me on twitter and I’ll get you a link – I don’t want it linked to here). So what’s next? Now I’m trying to figure out how I’m […]


Concepts Lists DONE!!

Well, it has been a long couple of days, but I am now done, done, DONE with my concept lists.  Calculus was an absolute bear.  I am working with a new book (the Finney, Demana, Waits, and Kennedy 3rd Edition Media Update which is for AP Calc – 2010 copyright) so I am trying to sort through that plus figure out just how many learning targets I need.  So with some starting help from @praxisofreflect (her post with her concept lists is here), I was able to get it done.  She had already typed up what she felt the learning targets should be from the same book and I began with that and culled it down to what I felt were the essential things I would be testing.  Unlike with my other classes, I think there will be more than one question per learning target.  Also, unlike my other classes, this concept list will be more in flux than the others. […]


Day One Quiz

I had the realization last night that I am just about three weeks away from having students in my classroom.  I am slowly plodding away at stuff (I do have concept lists done for 3 of my 4 preps and I got my open house paperwork in as well as got my website updated) – but there is still so much to do.  Like @Fouss and @jamieryske, I am going to do a Day One Quiz with my students.  I’ve attached mine below.  I think (for the first time), I am not going to spend all of Day One going over the Class Procedures/Rules sheet.  I’m still going to collect their information and get books out as well as do my Interest Inventory sheet (although I am going to tweak that and will attach it later).  I haven’t decided what else I am going to try to accomplish day one.  Part of the problem is that we have a “temporary” […]


Math 1 Concept List

I need help again.  I have done my Math 1 concept list.  Some background on Math 1: These are students who are lower level freshmen and not totally ready for Algebra. This is a new textbook for this course (McGraw Hill’s Algebra Concepts and Applications).  It was chosen because we use the Geometry Concepts and Apps by the same publisher for Math 2 and we wanted to be working on Algebra 1 skills with these students. Ohio standards for 9th grade are basically all Algebra-related.  Actually some of the 8th grade standards are also Algebra related. This will be the first group of students who are required by the State of Ohio to have Algebra 2 or its equivalent to graduate. These students will take Algebra 1 at some point (either next or after taking Math 2). I know these students will not get all the way through my concept list.  I can’t even reasonably say how far I think […]

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Grading Explanations

Well, I have put together my first document for the new school year.  Here is my explanation to students and parents as to how grading will go in my classroom.  Please, please, please comment – I want to make sure I have this as clear as possible before I print it. Background on my district – mostly blue collar, not a heavy emphasis on education.  Parents are somewhat involved – the parents of the “better” kids tend to be the most involved, otherwise they don’t tend to get involved unless their child is failing (and even then, they don’t always get involved).  I thought about including information from books/prominent educators but I chose not to because I didn’t want to be perceived as trying to go over the parents heads and/or too much “edu-speak.”  I wanted it to be in as plain English as possible. So – here it is.  Comment away!  Thanks in advance for your help! ***I have […]

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The State of Affairs in My Head

This blog post is mostly for me to get out of my head where I’m at with things.  As always, please feel free to comment or catch me on Twitter (@Mrs_LHenry) to discuss.  In fact, it’s really helpful for me if you do leave comments. First up – Grading I am committed to doing SBG this year.  At the moment, I am leaning towards doing a system very similar to Kate Nowak’s where you teach 3 concepts, then assess.  I want to assess twice because I feel that it would give me a clearer picture of whether or not the student understands the concept (it would give me two snapshots rather than just one).  I am most comfortable with a scale out of 5 and I think I would do similar to what she does, adding the 2 together for ultimately a score out of 10 to put in the school’s gradebook.  I would need to put the following limits […]

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I must be warped…

I am on vacation with my family (my parents, brother, husband and kids).  My parents rent a house each year on the water – this year we are staying on Sandusky Bay.  Like every other house we’ve stayed at, it has its good points and not so good points.  We have a nice entry onto the bay,the kids can go out in the water quite a bit, there’s a nice yard here, there’s a caboose on the property and the kitchen is about as well equipped as we’ve had. But, the kitchen is small (only about 2 can work in it at a time), the bottom of the bay is a bit rocky (had to go find lake shoes for the kids) and the only place there’s a table big enough for all 7 of us is in the garage (where there’s no air conditioning – which is really mainly an issue for my asthmatic mother).  I love the location and generally […]


SBG Questions

As I am working through this whole SBG thing – trying to understand it, trying to figure out how to make it work in my classroom/building/district, etc. – I’m reading as much as I can.  I have spent time reading dy/dan and started through MeTA Musings but not gotten through as much as I would like.  Part of it is it’s summer and my brain can only take so much before it cries “uncle!”  I’m also reading How to Grade for Learning – Linking Grades to Standards by Ken O’Connor and I’ve purchased Classroom Assessment and Grading That Works by Robert Marzano as the next read.  Plus, I’ve been trying to ask questions on Twitter when I’m reading tweets that bring them up.  I’m learning, which is a good thing. So, here’s where I’m at today:  I buy into why SBG makes sense.  I get that including homework and other practice (i.e. Formative Assessments) shouldn’t be included in a student’s grade.  I […]

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Algebra 2 Concept List

This is very much a work in progress.  I took the list of the objectives from my Adv. Alg 2 book and listed them based on what I have covered in the past.  I still have to find corresponding sections in my Alg 2 book, as well as the Ohio Standards.  I also decided that since we will be heading to the Core Standards in 2011-2012, I would also match them.  Haven’t gotten that far yet.  Also, I haven’t put them in any order yet.  There are a couple I am thinking of taking out – haven’t gotten there yet. Background info:Adv Alg 2 is our students on a track for Calculus if they stick it out.  Alg 2 is our college prep/”regular” students.  In Ohio, all students will have to take Alg 2 or an Alg 2 equivalent to graduate, starting with our upcoming freshmen (class of 2014).  They also have to have 4 credits of math.  Our current […]

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21st Century Math Day Two

Well, I did get a few things out of today.  It was not a complete loss.  I will highlight what I think was worthwhile to pass along. The morning started out rather promising.  We began by talking about clickers.  🙂  In Youngstown, we have Turning Technologies who is one of the first companies to do this sort of thing.  Since they are local, most districts (including mine) have at least one set somewhere.  I should add that I have used our set in our building a couple of times about 5 years ago or so and I know where they are and you can bet your bottom dollar that as soon as I get back in the building I will hunt them down and hide them in my room since no one is using them.  What did we learn about it – well, we learned briefly what they were and that you can use them for multiple choice assessment and […]

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