All the stuff I’ve stolen from the MTBoS

aka the obligatory tour of my classroom while it is still pretty clean.

Tomorrow, kiddos come to school. Here is my classroom 2015-2016 edition:

2016-08-11 10.17.54

Here is the doorway into my classroom. I will be doing my best to high five my students as they enter my classroom.

2016-08-11 10.17.29

View of my classroom from the door when rounds one and two of classroom setup were done.

2016-08-23 11.35.51

Similar view after round three finished up today. This is our second year where we have a school wide theme. At the end of the school year, our cheerleaders ask students to submit ideas and take the top or best three to the student body to vote on. This year, our theme is “Hollywood Red Carpet, Warriors are Stars!” Two of the bulletin boards have red fabric with gold stars on them, the other two have images of Hollywood on them.
2016-08-11 10.16.38

Front of the classroom. Place for the date and a quote on this dry erase board. Above it is the YET poster from Sarah Carter. In fact, I have several from her poster page. Below that is a quote from the gentleman who was in charge of Webelos Camp at Seven Ranges – “Knowledge is earned, not gained.” He uses it with the boys with observation games (my favorite is Four is a Cosmic Number) to encourage them to not give the answer away when they are doing observation games.2016-08-11 10.16.36

My desk and computer. Also where I post our “I can” statements as we are supposed to each day.
2016-08-11 10.16.33

Windows. On the top – the Three Essential Rules of Algebra courtesy of Glenn Waddell (the link to the posters are under the picture of them). Below are the Team Cups posters from Sarah Carter. I have added the actual cups besides the posters since this picture was taken.2016-08-11 10.16.18

Facing the back of the classroom from the front. On the left bulletin board, miscellaneous quotes. I am not 100 percent happy with this board and may very well change it. On the right, I have the hashtag #mathfail and have several posters from Sara VanDerWerf’s Math Wall of Shame. I have been shamelessly pulling stuff from Sara’s blog. 2016-08-10 14.47.04

Cabinet side (and you can see my door to the hallway). Above, kid friendly versions of the Standards for Mathematical Practice. On the cabinets, the class Group Work Norms posters from Sarah Carter.

2016-08-23 11.36.05

What I decided to do was not only assign each group a color, but give them a name as well. I was struggling on Saturday to come up with 6 movie names that were related that I was happy with. I ended up with the first six Star Wars movies since that’s what I came up with on Saturday. (Of course, this morning I thought of Disney or Pixar movies, but I had already done these by then.) I have clear acrylic 8″ x 10″ frames (I think I may have gotten these at Target, but tonight I had to go get one more since I was short one and went to Walmart where they were $1.87 each) with each card in them. I have laminated these so that they will last for the year hopefully. Idea for the acrylic frames is from Julie Reulbach. Font is Star Jedi.

2016-08-23 11.36.09

Side view. Behind each group name is the INB caddy for each group. For tomorrow, there are glue sticks, tape, scissors, markers, and a deck of cards in them. This is way more than I usually put in them, but I was trying to get everything together to save time. Next to the caddy are the green, yellow, and red cups.

2016-08-23 15.13.41

View of my classroom at the end of the day.

2016-08-23 15.13.47

Close up of a finished group. Notice the addition of the folder. I have a folder (color coordinated by group) with each group’s materials for their INBs inside. On the outside, a post it with the class period. I have been wanting to do Sam Shah’s organization folders ever since I read the post when he published it in February, 2015. I even bought the folders before school started last year but never did it. As I was deciding to put students in groups and then decided to name the groups, it made sense in my brain to color code the groups, especially if someone really didn’t want to be a Star Wars movie group. So this group could be the purple group. When I had purchased the folders, I bought six different colors so it was pretty easy to make sure I mounted the movie information to different colors of card stock.

I was trying to minimize time in line getting materials tomorrow and when I thought about it, using the folders made sense. The only thing students have to pick up then is their yellow card stock page for their name tents with feedback that I have also stolen from Sara VanDerWerf. What dawned on me today is that at the end of the period, I can can students put their name tents into the folders. This will help me in a few ways. One, I will not have to take time to write down who was in what group during class time. I will know from whose tents are in the folder and I can write down the groups outside of class time. Two, I can take the folders home with the name tents in them so that I can write the feedback and have them together for the next day. Third, it will allow me to quickly get students their name tents back the next day. Win for me!

So, that concludes my tour around my classroom for 2016-2017 aka all the stuff I’ve stolen from the MTBoS. Thanks to everyone for the inspiration!


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