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September: Good Riddance!

I don’t like September. I kind of like August: getting to meet my new classes for the year, setting up my classroom for the year, and the whole new beginnings thing. But, September, I just don’t like you. The first assessment, where my freshmen realize that they don’t know how to properly prepare for an …Continue reading

What Makes a Good Teacher?

For the third time this month, a former student complemented me on my teaching. I’m at Cub Scout camp this weekend, and a woman who I had as a student in a math class at the local university said, “You were the best math teacher I ever had.”  The other two students said something similar …Continue reading

Why did I wait so long to try Plickers?

I had seen Plickers at TMC14 during My Favorites when Pam Wilson presented them. I thought they were kind of cool, but I never took the time to implement them. I’m not sure why, but it may have been because I had other things I was trying to implement last year. Fast forward to TMC15, and …Continue reading

High Fives – a Convert

I have to say, when I listened to Glenn Waddell talk about giving high fives as his learners entered the classroom, I was a little skeptical. I thought it wouldn’t be my thing. I thought that I would be copying another teacher in my building (who gives handshakes to students as he is in the …Continue reading

2015-2016 Goals

Two weeks from today, I will meet all of my new classes for the first time. Yep, the start of school is right around the corner. (from At the moment, I am on vacation at Lake Erie with my family for another couple of days. Over vacation, I finally got my blog reader to zero. Although …Continue reading

Taking Care of Ourselves

I received flowers today in appreciate from a great friend of mine in the #MTBoS. I also received a box in the mail as part of #supplyswap. .@druinok @amcnabb3 the tape is shiny purple. #supplyswap — Lisa Henry (@lmhenry9) July 30, 2015 Over the last week, I have been on the receiving end of …Continue reading

What did I REALLY get out of TMC15?

I could certainly go on and on about all of the wonderful personal connections that I made and renewed at TMC15. I could talk for a while about how I felt so much gratitude from the community as a whole and so many individual people. However, talking about all of that would diminish all of …Continue reading

My TMC15 Closing Remarks

In case you wanted the text of my closing remarks for TMC15, here they are: So as I reflect on the wonderfulness that is TMC15, I keep coming back to one thing: Community. Many times, when TMCers sit down with me with any length of time for conversation, the question usually that comes up is …Continue reading

Guest Post from Jason about TMC

Jason shared this with me Saturday of TMC. I think it is incredibly powerful and something we all need to keep in mind – whether we attended TMC15, a previous TMC, or never have. –Lisa Why I Go To Twitter Math Camp -Jason Henry It’s the question. In whatever form I get it, it goes something …Continue reading

For Chris

This is my 12-year old daughter Grace. In April, while she and her brother Cade were playing in the backyard, he tackled her and, as near as we can figure, his head hit her left knee cap, dislocated it, and chipped a piece of cartilage off the bottom of it, sending it somewhere above her …Continue reading

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