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Hi, my name is Lisa…

… and I am not one of the best, nor an amazing math teacher. I am at TMC14, which was described by my friend Glenn Waddell as follows: I heard #tmc14 described this way yesterday. 150 teachers who all believe they can change the world. Here they are. — Glenn Waddell, Jr. (@gwaddellnvhs) July …Continue reading

A Change Will Do Me Good (apologies to Sheryl Crow)

I know I have been down this road before. I have written many posts over the course of the last year or so looking for some help, feedback, etc. (here or here just in the last 6 months). If I have learned something from blogging for almost 4 years now, I do a much better job of working through things when …Continue reading

Math Class With Less Direct Instruction?

I have a request and if you would be so kind to indulge me, I’d appreciate it. If you can answer the following, I would appreciate it. Tag me on Twitter (@lmhenry9) and/or post your answer in the comments (or blog about it and post the link in the comments). Thanks. How does a math …Continue reading

Algebra 1 Statistics Unit Materials

I have been meaning to blog these for a while.Below you will find the materials that I put together to use throughout my Statistics Unit. These are the learning targets that I used: 20 I can describe the center of the data distribution (mean or median). S-ID.2 21 I can describe the spread of the …Continue reading

End of 2013 Mid-School Year Reflections

It is New Year’s Eve, 2013. I’m not usually a reflect on the past year person, but for some reason, today I am. It has been a stressful year. I’m not going to sugar coat it. It’s not worth the effort. As much as I enjoy teaching, so much has changed over the last few …Continue reading

I Miss Blogging

There. I said it. I miss blogging. Between Kate’s and Michael’s recent posts and other things going on in my life, I have been thinking that a lot. Michael’s post challenged me so much that I had to respond to it. At the time I read it, I was in the car and had read …Continue reading

Solving Inequalities Card Sort

In my Math 1 (not ready for Algebra 1 freshmen) class, we are working on solving and graphing inequalities. Today, my students were working with multiple step inequalities – some two-step, some with variables on both sides, and some with parentheses. I had students work in pairs and they were given twelve sets of cards, …Continue reading

Daily Desmos Sub Plan

A couple of days before the last time I knew I was going to be out of the classroom, @Desmos tweeted this: How many of you have #EmergencyLessonPlans that say some thing like, “Ss will visit, pick a challenge, and…” #mathchat — (@Desmos) November 13, 2013 I thought about this tweet for about …Continue reading

TMC14 Speaker Proposal Announcement

We are starting our gear up for TMC14, which will be at Jenks High School in Jenks, OK (outside of Tulsa – map is here) from Thursday, July 24 through Sunday, July 27, 2014. We are looking forward to a great event. Part of what makes TMC special is the wonderful presentations we have from …Continue reading

Why I Blog – as requested by @k8nowak

I have been so busy as of late – so many things floating through my head, not enough hours in the day. I miss blogging – I have things I want to share, but again, just not enough time. I did see this post by Kate Nowak a while ago, and I wanted to respond. She’s helped …Continue reading

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