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TMC16 Speaker Proposal Press Release

We are starting to gear up for TMC16, which will be at Augsburg College in Minneapolis, MN (map is here) from July 16-19, 2016. We are looking forward to a great event! Part of what makes TMC special is the wonderful presentations we have from math teachers who are facing the same challenges that we …Continue reading

How do you plan a unit?

No, seriously, how do you plan a unit? I know it sounds odd for a 23-year veteran teacher to ask the question, but how do you plan a unit? Backing up… we are getting ready to begin the unit with linear functions. You know the one, the one in Algebra 1 where we work on …Continue reading

Arithmetic Sequences Activity

As I was driving to work today, I was trying to come up with an activity to practice working with arithmetic sequences. I had 8 practice problems on a worksheet, but I knew that wouldn’t be enough practice for my Algebra 1 students. I had thought about going and creating a Polygraph at the Desmos Teacher …Continue reading

My Cloud Organization Hydra

Well, it reared its ugly head again today. The multi-headed mess of digital organization that I have, that is. (Created from Creative Commons Pictures) I hate to say it, but Kate started me down the path today.   @Mythagon @MrCBRobinson I use the “share” icon and then save to Pocket. I <3 pocket. — Kate …Continue reading

Given Time, Things Work

In between conferences last night, I was grading Algebra 1 papers. My students had an assessment over graphing (using a table), confirming that points on the line belonged to the equation graphed, and comparing a graph, a table, and an equation. By no means, is this the most exciting thing I teach in Algebra, but …Continue reading

Improvising with Estimation

Today was an interesting day. I walked into work with several things to do on the computer before I began teaching classes at 8:30 and there was no internet or connection to the server. Since it is Thursday, one of the many things I needed to do was set up the Estimation 180 for the …Continue reading

INB Success

This is my third school year doing interactive notebooks (INBs) with my Applied Algebra and Algebra 1 courses. (I have chosen to not do them with Calculus – they get too particular about losing flexibility in their notes.) I was a reluctant convert. I had heard about them at TMC12 and wasn’t quite sure what all …Continue reading

An Activity that (Surprisingly) Worked

In my Applied Algebra class, we just finished a review of operations. As we were getting ready to assess on integer operations, rather than give a worksheet with practice problems, I wanted to do something a little more active. I have 13 students in my class, 11 of which have learning disabilities. On the way …Continue reading

September: Good Riddance!

I don’t like September. I kind of like August: getting to meet my new classes for the year, setting up my classroom for the year, and the whole new beginnings thing. But, September, I just don’t like you. The first assessment, where my freshmen realize that they don’t know how to properly prepare for an …Continue reading

What Makes a Good Teacher?

For the third time this month, a former student complemented me on my teaching. I’m at Cub Scout camp this weekend, and a woman who I had as a student in a math class at the local university said, “You were the best math teacher I ever had.”  The other two students said something similar …Continue reading

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